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AngelBlade Nami

~Stay a while and listen!~

Disclaimer: SKT1 Nami isn’t out yet so this will not work  unless you’re on PBE Till she’s released on live.

Nami has joined the war between chaos and order, As an angel she will make sure to bring her allies to victory, And her foes will drown in their own sins.

  • Requires SKT1 Nami

  • Custom texture

Note: This ZiP file contains the texture/skl/skn for the SKt1 Nami skin instead of the .WXY File as of upon release of this Custom skin, SKT1 has yet to be released, So be sure to import it into Wooxy Once this awesome Nami Skin is released to live server and enjoy their awesomely hard work with this follower of the angels ~~!



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