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DawnBringer Xayah (Updated)

~Stay a while and listen!~

Thank you, Yoru for the video!

This skin is part of a collaboration with Yoru, We wanted Xayah and Rakan to represent  What happens if you put aside your differences and instead of rivals like Riven and Yasuo, They’re in perfect harmony with each other.

You’ll find the Rakan part of this Duo over at Yoru’s page here!


  • Custom texture (for base)
  • Custom Particles (Some  purple remains)
  • Hud/loading art.



  1. The skin doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Any chance for an update in the future? Really nice skin.


  2. great skin! also, I’ve been using it to learn a lot about skin creation but there has been something bothering me: when xayah moves there is this blue glow over her wing and it remains over all recoloring attempts! what is it? how can i change its color or remove it?

    i’ve been through most files and cant seem to find what affects this



    • Dont know, never found it myself, Luckily it’s similar color to what i used anyway so i left it there.
      But i’m trhilled to hear you giving custom skins a go, it’s a lot of fun, even if its not always perfect ^^ If you do find it out, let the rest of the community know too once you post something


      • Thanks ! Well I did a very humble re color of this skin, so the credit belongs to you

        But I would be honored if you would like take a look

        I’ll keep looking for the mystery particle and I’ll post if I find anything


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