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NB Yasuo & DB Riven Mapskins Lore

Winners Hero vs. Villain Mission Day 1

For this months Mapskins event the mission for day 1 was to create your own lore for the Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skins. After receiving multiple submissions, the best 2 have been decided. They can be found below:

Winner Nightbringer Yasuo Lore: Daddy Bear

After the one on one battle for their honor with his brother Yone, Yasuo continued to wander the lands in search for clues for whom could have murdered his old master. After climbing countless cordilleras, venturing Vastayan valleys and trampling through twisted treeline, Yasuo said to himself whilst he closed his eyes and imagined his now lost brother “How long can I keep going? Even the strongest wind eventually dies”.
Yasuo, now on his knees, face covered in tears, heart filled with anger and his soul slowly giving up on hope as suddenly was engulfed in a vision of dark flames, unable to Vision Yasouunderstand what he could see, the vision stopped. Shocked, Yasuo got up from the ground and headed out once again, Yasuo never truly understood what this new found determination came from nor what the vision he had was, but he decided he will not give up.
Step after step he wandered further and further into unknown lands without ever really knowing where he was going. Yasuo found himself standing before a large dark oak forest with a run down battered sign to his left, the sign said: “For whom may enter only death awaits thee”. Then again suddenly he was deep inside another vision, the same vision but he could see more. “what could it be” he said grabbing an object in the vision, but once he touched it, the vision vanished and left him a few steps inside the dark oak forest.
Forgetting completely about the sign he just read outside Yasuo simply continued his journey deeper into the dark forest, Sensing a slight aura of magic in the air a gust of the cold air blew over his shoulder, carrying with it scents of smoke, he turned suddenly. “Who’s there!” Yasuo shouted, but all he saw was darkness, no pathway of where he came, no trees, just, the blackness darkness a person could not even ever think of.
Yasuo turned back to the way he was walking but saw only the same, darkness. He drew his sword and took upon his fighting position. “What is this magic that has fallen upon me” He says to himself, as he generates a barrier field of thick air around him. Darkness YasouYasuo was prepared to fight whatever may come from this darkness. The wind stopped, and so did the barrier that Yasuo created, he was left with just himself, even the wind has left him now.
A faint laugh in the distance, the laugh of a young girl he thought, it only lasted a second, maybe two. The laugh got louder with every passing moment, then the sound of dry fallen leaves rustling as like they were being stepped on by a fast moving animal. Yasuo knew that the forest was still around him and that the darkness was just an illusion and so he stepped farward.
But with his step, came a fall. Yasuo fell uncontrollably down as he felt the air rush past him, he thought the wind would forever be by his said but now, right when he needed it the most, the wind was against him. as he was falling he was parted from his blade and shortly after he landed on his knees and heard a deep, loud, echoing voice call his name. Blinded by fear Yasuo’s eyes remained welded shut and did not reply to the voice.
The voice spoke out again: “Did you ever find your master’s killer Yasuo?”. Yasuo, clenching his fists in anger shouted “Not yet, i will never give up”. The voice laughed “Oh but you did give up, didn’t you”. Yasuo remained silent as he felt his anger taking over his body, “Do you even know what made you come here?” The voice said. “Enough with this!” Yasuo cried out, “Enough indeed” said the voice.Oldmaster Yasuo
Yasuo felt his body burning up from both inside and out, he did no know what was happening to him and so Yasuo let out a loud noise and opened his eyes to see his old master before him, covered in burning red flames with a cloak of deep black smoke “You killed your old master Yasuo. You killed ME!” said the voice now known to Yasuo as his old master as Yasuo lungs filled with the smoke and hell fire of his surroundings.
Yasuo stopped breathing, he couldn’t, flames busted out from his body his insides melting and being consumed by fire. “The power of wind I gave you, I am replacing it with fire” the voice said as he continued to laugh. A few moments passed and soon Yasuo was completely flames and smoke. Then his surroundings suddenly became back and Yasuo found himself in the forest he was once in.
Flame Filled Yasuo
“I am no longer human, am I?” Yasuo said to himself. as he stares at his arms, and holds his face, The voice faintly replied “You are much much more” it before fading into the distance. Now knowing that Yasuo was the true killer he rushed back to his town in Ionia to turn himself in, but instead his eyes turned red and flames emerged from his hair, everyone fled from him and even the guard came and attacked him, calling him a demon.
Yasuo knew he was no longer ever welcome here and so he drew his blade from the smoke and murdered every last one of the guards, then turned his blade on the innocents, and soon Yasuo knew that he is the demon that they feared, Yasuo became hungry for blood and everyone who came into contact with him, just became a victim to his blood lust. “This will never be over, until someone is worthy to take my head”.

Ending Yasuo

Winner Dawnbringer Riven Lore: Enchanting Nicole

What do you think of these lores and which one do you like better? leave a comment



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