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Vayne Vampire Hunter

Is the basic skin for Vayne ugly? Yes, it is! Let’s make something darker and somehow respectful with her lore. Let’s make a tribute to Van Helsing movie and Anna Valerious by Kate Beckinsale




  • Basic model changed
  • Lacy white skirt under her corset, with lacy sleeves
  • Bohemian ornaments
  • Her face totally reworked
  • New artwork for loading page
  • The hudge necklace disappears and I added a small chain with a cross.
  • Heavy belt buckle on her breast

General Info:

  • Author: Corbeau
  • Release Date: 05/23/2017

As a replacement for basic skin, nothing is required.

Download and Install:

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Download the file Here.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”



  1. Nice Skin buddy ^^
    but how exactly do you get the “SkinCharacterDataProperties” into the “.bin” file because it never works for me… =( would be glad if you could help me out ^^


      • dude if u change it to base you gotta change the vayne.skn / skl / tx_cm to base as well because otherwise it didnt worked ^^ so for anyone who got problems just extract the skin and go to the Base folder and change the files to “vayne.skn” “vayne.skl” “vayne.blnd” “vayne_base_TX_CM” and it should work ^^ .. still great skin!!!


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