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Troybins-Color changing Tutorial

You’re making a custom skin and recoloured every texture file from the Particles folder of your champ, but some files still have colors in them that you don’t want?
In this guide, I’ll show you how to change colors in Troybin files!

First of all: You have to go to your picture editing program (Gimp, Photoshop,etc.) or go to a website like this and get the RBG values of the color you want the particle to have.

Write down the values

Next, you’ll need to get Wooxy Plus to translate the RGB color into X-RGBA code.
Install Wooxy Plus, open it and go to “XRGBA Converter”. Type in your RGB values and type “0” in the “Alpha” tab, since you should keep the original value of the troybin (if you type in a random number it might crash and not convert your values). Press convert and it’ll give you X-RGBA values.

[Note: The value Wooxy Plus gives you the values with commas [,], I usually change it to [.] because that’s how it is in troybins, I’m not 100% sure if you have to do it.]
Write down the values aswell.

Open up Wooxy and go to “Inibin/Troybin file editor” and search for the troybin you want to change. After you opened it, there are two different values you have to look for:

1) E-RGBA values:

They are pretty rare, but some troybins still have them. If you run into one of those you have to insert the RGB values you noted down first in the “Value” section on the bottom. Keep the commas and brackets as they are, just replace the numbers. After that press “Apply changes”
Important: Only replace the first 3 values of them, since the last one is Alpha, which has to do with the opacity of the Particles ingame.
[Notes: This is a bad example, because the values are all 255, which means it is white color. You don’t have to change those values.]

2) X-RGBA values:

Those appear in nearly all troybins and are mostly in triplets, sometimes more or less. They form a gradient, so if you want to have a color gradient on your particles insert 3 different color values in the lines. For those you’ll need to take the values Wooxy plus gave you and insert them into the value section. You change the values of all the 3 lines. After that you press “Apply changes” again.
Important: Only replace the middle 3 values if you want to be safe, the first value sets the starting time for the color and the last one has to do with opacity.
[Notes: If the values are only 1.000000 or 0.000000 you can leave them out, since those are white/black and won’t change anything]

[Big Note: If you find any values in the group “Unknown” in the troybin, you don’t have to replace them.]

After you changed all values press “Save file” and import it into Wooxy to try it out ingame.

I hope this Tutorial helps you and if you have any question simply ask me ^^



    • you have to make a foler on your desktop with the same file structure as the game beginning at lol_game_client (check wooxy extraction files) and then add the dekstop folder


  1. Btw Yoru do you know coincidentally how to get the bin files with “SkinDataCharacterProperties” in it because if i extract it then there are only 3 categories but not the one i just named =/ would be nice if you can help me when not sorry i was bothering u!!!!


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