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Miss Fortune As Senna

This skin is presented by Damonix, TricolorStar, Yorû  as part of The Wardens. And special thanks to Josephine Puno (Komodo_Sumatra) For doing the Voice!

After being reunited with Lucian, it would not take long before Lucian would realize the senna in front of him, is but a mere whisper of what she used to be, Senna’s body had not changed one bit from when he last saw Senna, but her innocent smile turned bitter and distant. Her gentle laugh turned into a maniacal glee, her soft posture turned rigid and tough. Almost a perfect reflection of his own after he thought he would have lost her forever.


Senna Splash



For Miss Fortune Base

Custom Model

Custom textures

Custom Voice

Custom art



(Senna Skin.wxy)

(Senna Voice Files)

Simply Download “Senna Voice” Zip, Extract the files and import into Wooxy.








  1. Hey awesome skin! But i have a question thats not related to this skin about VO: So when i change VO i dont hear anything but in your mod it works how can i fix it?


    • Sorry to hear about your FPS issue with the ult, But im glad you appreciate our efforts! If you prefer to have the skin without the particles that can easily be arranged.


  2. The skin is great, but according to lore she shouldn’t have 2 guns. Originally, Lucian and Senna each had one gun, and when Thresh killed Senna Lucian picked up her gun, that’s why he has 2 now. So Senna should only have one.


    • Lore wise this skin breaks all kind of rules, It was not meant to be 100% accurate to the lore, It was an artistic decision to make something that could be Senna in our opinion. As for the gun, Yes, lucian took sennas gun thus why he has two, But we needed two for miss fortune and felt that was the best fit. If miss fortune only had one gun, her animations and skills would look super stupid.


  3. I am beyond impressed with how this came out! It is STUNNING! It looks like I’ll be installing League of Legends so I can use the Custom Skin for Senna! You guys did an amazing job!

    As the Voiceover for Senna, I’ll be leaving a link you my YouTube Channel below! My recent content is under the “Komodo_Sumatra – Voice Over Inclusions” Playlist. I hope to work with all of you again! Thank you allowing me to contribute towards your project! This is absolutely EPIC!

    Komodo_Sumatra’s YouTube Page:

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    • Thank you for helping us with this skin Josephine! your voice acting really brought this project to life and gave her the feel we wanted ❤


    • Check your headphones, if you got surround sounds, it all depends on where you got the camera in-game, Voice works fine for me.


    ahem ummm…. great, great, great….great! job on your project! i really like to donate you tho.
    again this is the most aesthetic, full of effort mod iv’e ever seen OWO


    • Thank you! your appreciation for our skin means a lot!
      We couldn’t possibly accept donations tho, we do this as a hobby with a passion for free ^_^ As long as people enjoy it, that’d be payment enough for us to keep on going. Feel free to make any suggestion on what you’d like to see as a skin project!

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