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DarkStar Orianna VO

This skin is presented by TricolorStar as part of Skin+

“When the one made of metal joined the dark, she was overwhelmed with the urge to dance. Atoms and matter followed her ballet, but at the end of every performance, she made a choice. Which planets would live, and which would die.”



Brand New Voice Lines and Effects

New Recall Effects (She Sings!)

Note: Default set to NA directory.


Darkstar Orianna (Voice Update)





    • You can export the .wxy and change the “_us” Directory to suit your own clients directory, or the “eng” to whatever language you want to change depending on your settings.


  1. Now this is a much better voice actor for the part. Very sinister and fits the Darkstar theme well, I also love the Darkstar sound effects. Well done Tri 😄


    • The distortion i a combination of a simple flanger/chorus, while the robotic autotune is Melodyne combined with Anatares Autotune. Everything has been lowered by about 2 semitones, while the formant has been raised by 1 semitone (giving it that unnatural feel), and the weird “Darkstar Echo” is from a IR convolver (the same thing that makes Jhin’s chorus sound like it does). The end glitchy parts are a combination of GrossBeat and HYSTERISIS. All of these plugins were used in FL Studio C:


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