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Sweetheart Lux (With VO)

This skin is presented by DamonixYorûNicole and TricolorStar as part of The Wardens.

Sweetheart Lux has been a long process in the making, But it’s done! She brings with her a whole new voice kindly brought to us all by Melody Muzljakovich / Melody Muze (thank you!) We hope you’ll enjoy this skin as much as we enjoyed making it.






For Base

New Model

New textures

New Particles

New Portraits

New Voice

Note: Particles And voice may affect Lux’s other skins due to sharing base particle/voice.




(Sweetheart_Lux_VO Folder)

Download “VO Folder”(Kindly brought to us by TricolorStar)  if you’re not in NA/EUW and edit it to your region.







  1. Hello everyone!

    Congratulations on such an amazing skin!

    I’ve got one question regarding creation: do you modify the existing Base lux files, or do you modify the Elementalist lux files, and then rename them to Base?

    I want to try some things, but I can’t seem to get models working now that .blnd files aren’t around anymore 😦

    Thanks in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Model wise, we edited base lux files.
      particle wise we replaced Lux base with a various combination of particles and edited them to fit.

      Had we used the elementalist lux files there’d be a lot of things that could go wrong unless we made the skin to replace elementalist lux specifically. So instead of better animations from elementalist lux we decided to go for stability.


  2. Ignore my name. Great skin! I’ve read your intro to skins creation and I’m satisfied with it. If it’s not too much Yurixy, could you also do a simple guide for making and installing custom soundpacks (mainly VO, but SFX too if possible) for champions? Like from .wav files to .wem, .wpk, .bnk? Thanks! 🙂


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