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Scripted Code Season 2

Scripted Code Pack Image



This Series is a mix between Cyborg and Machines. For example a wolf filled to the top with tracking and mobility technology all the way to a complete robotic jungle’ing war machine that can evolve by itself. Some use their upgrades for good, some for their own dark personal gain…



  • Akali,
  • Annie,
  • Corki,
  • Darius,
  • Lucian,
  • Lux,
  • Master Yi,
  • Pantheon,
  • Riven,
  • Yasuo.


Some Screenshots and Gifs:

Riven: Riven Images, Done

Riven Gif, Full



Darius Full


Video Playlist:


General Info and Features:

  • Custom Models – Corki, Master Yi, Lucian, Riven, Yasuo
  • Custom Textures – For all
  • Custom Particles – For all
  • Replaced Animations – Darius, Yasuo
  • Author: “Mr DaddyBear” and “Mrs BabyBear”
  • Skins For: Base
  • Release Date: 16/04/2017

BabyBear and I have spent a while making all these skins for you to have in your League of Legend’s games, so we hope you enjoy and leave a comment to say what you like about them. Thank you!

Download and Install individually:


You can install this skin with Wooxy

1. Download   Scripted Code: Full Set
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



  1. Wow this skin is amazing!!!! O: ❤ I just downloaded Darius. And I can’t believe it. Riot should hire this guy. Thankx. I will keep this skin installed until I get my hands on Dark Nova


  2. Hey, your skin pack is amazing but I wanted to know if you are planing on fixing some things such as Darius Q windup animation when he is running it is pretty broken, also I was wondering if there is any chance you could use the sfx from the Dreadnova skin, I don’t know if that is illegal or not but I was wondering if it was possible non the less, hope you will reply.


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