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Old Fiora Model Returns.

Updated Working Old Fiora Model


I sincerely apologize for the unorganized and sloppy look of this post.  This is my first post ever on Mapskins and even through WordPress for that matter.


Hello, everyone!  Today I present you with an updated Old Fiora mod that works with the current patch (7.6). 

As a veteran Fiora player since her release in 2012, I have always loved her original model and design concept and was deeply saddened when they remodeled her, considering they could’ve done a much better job on her new look, (it just looks terrible).

So because of this, I’m releasing an updated old model mod for Fiora for those die-hard fans out there like myself.  Please enjoy and let me know of your thoughts.  Thank you very much.

This mod changes the appearance of the current new reworked model of Fiora to the old pre-rework model.

Her abilities have been adjusted to work on the old model.





*Please note that you cannot use any skins such as Pool Party, PROJECT: Fiora, or other future skins with this mod.  It only supports Fiora’s original skins and model from before her rework.  It will not crash the game for using her newer skins, however, the model will be severely distorted so please keep that in mind.

I will not be providing in-game screenshots being that they have been posted before from another author since the model appears the same.  If you wish to see in-game screenshots, please visit this user’s post:

Old Fiora by sokzajelo



  • Old Models
  • Old Splash Arts
  • Old Ability Icons


General Info:

  • Author: Alby
  • Size: 8.1 MB
  • Release Date: 

Download link:

Download here

You can install this skin with Wooxy.





  1. I’ve tried installing this, and I’ve noticed that Fiora’s LOL air client images don’t actually change with the mod.


  2. I am unsure of how to edit am already published post but I want to credit RedGimiGamer for the .wxy file that contains the old ability icons. I did not create that file in the zip I included.


  3. I ask for Riot about that type of thing (Old models , Old maps , Gp narration , butchers bridge , etc..) and they say “Since it is a content that was not created by the community and was already present in the game, it is not allowed and may result in banning the account…” I am very sad about it , because i really want to use this old fiora model or play in the butchers bridge again ;-;


  4. Hey, how did you do to take old fiora’s files ? Beacause I want to do a old cassiopeia skin but I don’t have the files :/


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