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Vision Malzahar

Hey guys, This custom skin is a recolored Malzahar skin with  particles and texture based on Vision from Marvel. This skin replaces the base skin.

This is a skin idea I saw long time ago and I liked it. It represents Vision from the marvel universe


Pasive: Intangibility

Q: Microwave Pulse

W: Technopathy

E: Holographic Illusion

R and BA: Solar Energy Beams



  • New texture
  • New particles

General Info:

  • Author: Leaguer
  • Size: 6.82 MB
  • Release Date: 

Download link:

Download here

You can install this skin with Wooxy




  1. Nice! I dont Play malzahat but is cool.
    PD:Yo tmbn soy uno de los creadores de skins españoles xD si quieres por Discord nos podemos dar ideas de skins y eso ^^

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