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How to fix patch 7.5 Wooxy bug

If you happen to come across this problem when you launch Wooxy in Patch 7.5, then this post will explain to you how to temporarily bypass this issue.

The recent League of Legends patch came along with a bug in wooxy which causes the screen above to appear. We don’t know why it appears or if it will get fixed anytime soon, but if you do get this pop up, you can fix it by:

  • Pressing “OK” until the wooxy screen says “Loading skins” instead of “Verifying installed skins”
  • Hold your ENTER key until the wooxy screen says “Loading skins” instead of “Verifying installed skins”

Sometimes the pop up does not appear on your screen but is still in your taskbar. You will have to click on the pop up and hold enter again until it eventually shows “Loading skins”

We hope that this helps you out and let us know in the comments if it doesn’t so we can help you out further 🙂



  1. Hey! I’m not getting the pop up but something is not working as intended cause the newest content I install is not shown in game! Please help!


  2. After pressing Enter or clicking OK, the Physical memory on my pc starts going up until it reaches 98% and the only way to make it go down is by closing Wooxy completely, also, since the Physical memory is at 98%, Wooxy doesn’t work at all and the only way to make it do anything is completely closing it and opening it again, CAN THIS GET FIXED SOON? Last update to Wooxy was on April 27 of this year.


  3. Rolled back to 1.5.06 some time ago after not being pleased with the update following it. Patch notes since haven’t seemed worthwhile. I’ll manage without the latest skins (that only work with newer versions) until some of my list of desirable features/bug fixes/optimisations I posted somewhere on the site are implemented. 😛


    • Actually I did get some pop-up error (except I had to click the “pop-up” rom the taskbar) and it has a whole bunch of script, but pressing OK just once allowed me to progress. Skins are uninstalled from the patch again, as is to be expected (that’s one of the key fixes for Wooxy I want though) but they’re all still imported as far as I can tell


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