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Lazy Abyss & Lazy Rift Updates

Hey there, everyone! I’ve finally updated Lazy Abyss and Lazy Rift.


Lazy Abyss

For Lazy Abyss, I’ve updated the Poros.

You can download the update HERE.

You can see the original Lazy Rift(& Screenshots) HERE.

Lazy Rift

For Lazy Rift, I’ve updated the Krug texture, along with the plant textures.


The big Krug’s texture ended up bugging and I can’t quite figure out how to fix it. MiniMini Krugs now have a texture.


You can download the Lazy Rift Update HERE.

You can view the original Lazy Rift post(with screenshots) HERE.


Always make sure your Wooxy is updated! If it says “Invalid Wooxy File”, you probably haven’t updated! 🙂

Edit: These Updates include the entire map skin  within the .wxy file. It’s not just addons. 🙂



  1. The large krug texture probably needs to be redone (If you used the original Lazy Rift texture for Large Krugs), seeing as they received an update. They most likely got new UV maps, resulting it the older texture becoming outdated and buggy


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