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  • Cursor size increased to match riot cursor size, added more contrast and shadow
  • Added glowing light beneath jungle timers
  • Reworked scoreboard, now it should be more pleasant to the eyes 😀
  • Updated borders around options and shop to match hextech hud, and some other minor improvements
  • New death recap interface, rito pls …
  • Reworked timer hud
  • Button improvements for options,camera,mute etc…



Note: Use this only if regular .wxy format isnt working

You can install this skin with Wooxy

In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded .wxy file.
Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.

If you have problems installing this skin update your Wooxy to v 1.6 from official page or use RAW format of this skin, Unzip and import files manually.



  1. I think your HUD is awesome dude, thanks for sharing. Can I make a request maybe? The exp bar seems it gets full too soon maybe for me. When I see its full it always takes longer than I think to lvl up. Maybe you can change something to make it doesn´t get full so soon or make it more clear. Thanks again.


  2. Hi, love your work. I was using Challenger HUD 2017 before switching to Hextech.
    Such fine pieces of art, very detailed and pixel perfect. THANK YOU, please keep on creating.

    Don’t mean to sound entitled, but I also liked the blue arrows and it’s kind of sad to see them go.
    It just felt like they added the tech in Hextech, the new yellow ones lack that kind of effect.

    Is there a way to maintain that feature and have the rest of the update?

    Best wishes.


  3. nice design hub, Ravy, u are best hub disigner, best vote for u, please update challenger hub too, make cursor bigger and lighter for easy to control when combat


  4. I’m gonna be using v1… i hate that you changed those nice blue arrows on skill level up to the yellow ones.


  5. PURRFECT, great, clean and nice redesign.

    Not a serious issues (seriously, ot’s just my thoughts, other may find it as whim):

    • Death recap cyan border around “Mouse over the elements…” should be darker than whole window, maybe 59% darker
    • Death recap “Damage XXX in XX seconds” border should be 25% darker maybe.

    Why I thought about that. You’re using cyan bright borders for mostly titles (in this case – Death Recap window title)


    • Move VS in the top right bar between team kill numbers a bit to the left-bottom, so it will be right inbetween them instead of officially shifted towards right number.

    And last one QOL (quality of life) change:

    • Make muted icon more distinct from unmuted icon? Maybe make it red (not so vibrant, like #ff6464 or somewhere around).

    But other than that – it’s is really well made and nicely done HUD skin. Gonna install it.

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