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  • New cursor icons maching hextech hud
  • Updated jungle timers
  • Enchanced animated meters
  • New lvl up buttons animations
  • New scoreboard (Yellow pointer shows missing enemy champions on map)
  • Kindred hud
  • New shop button
  • Champion avatar with custom xp bar changed from circle to square shape
  • New buttons for options,camera,mute etc…
  • New minimap and champion borders



Note: Use this only if regular .wxy format isnt working

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy

In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded .wxy file.
Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



  1. Hey, I’m loving this HUD, I just have one little issue: could you make the unavailable skill level-up button more opaque? I think it’s too bright at the moment, confuses my brain as to what skills can I level up.


  2. Could you increase the size of the cursor? or make two versions of the current cursor or increased. Your course looks amazing, but sometimes in the game you lose sight of it.
    Thank you for a great job


    • Yea, there will be new version of this hud soon, with some changes and updates ill include bigger cursor icons too


      • Also, I noticed that the cursor is slightly darkish. Because of this, he was a little lost sight of. Particularly noticeable on dark champions or landscape. Can make the cursor icon brighter? Thx for your work


  3. I’ve tried both of them but it doesn’t work. If you have any idea to solve this problem i would be glad to know 🙂 why wooxy gives me this kind of problem?
    and when i install through the raw version I have the basic HUD in game


  4. Some questions and thoughts:

    1) Isn’t it better to make Shop button more symmetrical from the number? I.e. make the shop button a bit longer to the right side? Right now it feels cropped from the right corner

    2) Maybe make a bit darker background behind towers/drakes/teamkills on Scoreboard? Kinda hard to read bright colorful numbers on bright cyan background

    3) I think you should simplify ? display of missed champs on Scoreboard. Right now they look like they’re selected (or smth like that), it doesn’t assotiate for me with “missing, out of vision, not on map” idea.

    4) Have you redesigned into same style Death recap? I know it appears only fraction of time, but still it would be nice touch, even when RITO never touched it with their design updates.

    5) Maybe make champion portraits on Scoreboard a bit more readable? In these small clumped circles-in-squares inner shadow is not need I think. Shouldn’t it be less clumped and easier to read? Right now inner shadow covers some elements of some champ portraits that make them disctinct from eachother. For example here:

    • Right veigar and rammus eyes are covered by that inner shadow
    • 1/3 of Nunu face is covered with inner shadow

    These are just my thoughts 🙂 Great work anyway, and I would say that for now this is the best HUD skin on site. Not just because I might like it, but because it is comfort to use (simple backgrounds and nice details without overdoing with design).


    • Yes things like this need testing,and i didn’t do much of it, thanks for letting me know of this I’ll probably update it but I need more reports and feedback to know what’s wrong and what can be fixed.


      • hmm i’ve tried both but everytime i try to load into a game it continuously bug splats and i have to repair my client. i’ll have to play around with it once i get home from work but other than that it looks really well done!


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