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[New Post] Japanese Voiceovers!

Kon’nichiwa, minna! Today, I’m bringing you a Fully updated version of the Japanese Voiceovers.

I highly encourage you to watch this tutorial video for installation!

List of folder extension names:
ja_JP(Listing it here anyway :P)

If yours does not show up, please inform me.

You may download the voiceovers HERE!

  • Size: 552.14MB
  • Release Date: January 16th, 2017

This is a full update, and it includes all update packages from my previous postincluding the new Warwick voiceover. I don’t know how well it will match up on the live client, but I don’t see the problem in trying to use it now.

Please note that I am no longer including the Champion Select Quotes, as I have no way of editing the new client. I have tried to patch the legacy PBE client in Japanese to obtain them for those who still use legacy, but it refuses to update. My apologies, everyone!

#1 I have been asked about the Announcer quite a bit, so here is an older download of it! It is the same thing, just an old package from the previous post. You may download it HERE.

#2 GALIO’S UPDATED VOICEOVER IS FINALLY HERE. It took forever for them to add it to the PBE, and I just grabbed it today. Download it HERE.

#3, 3/26/2017 I’ve gone on the PBE to see if they updated Lux’s voiceover, and they did. I didn’t see any info about it on, so I thought it was for English only. Guess not! You may download it HERE.

#4, 3/26/2017  I’m releasing God Fist Lee Sin’s VO early because I discovered it’s already available. Enjoy it on the PBE until release! Download it HERE.

April 10th, 2017: The Xayah and Rakan VO’s are here! 🙂 Download them HERE.

Please note that I am not going to be doing “Full Updates” on the VO packs anymore unless multiple reworks get released at once, which won’t happen most likely. TO UPDATE YOUR VO PACKS, EXTRACT THE CHARACTER’S FOLDER FROM THE .ZIP FILE AND REPLACE THE OLD ONE IN THE BASE PACK WITH THE NEW, THEN REINSTALL THE RAW FILES IN WOOXY.

If you do not have Wooxy installed, please visit this page for the download!!!! 

If you already have Wooxy installed, PLEASE make sure it is updated!



  1. About the Champion Select Quotes, it still works for me since our client in our country uses garena and the old client.
    I appreciate it if you update the champion select quotes even it doesn’t work on yours (the new client) and I still have the old ones btw 🙂


  2. There’s still no way for the Jap Champ Select? Thanks for the youtube vid though, it helped a lot and i got the Jap VO except the champ select one haha


  3. Hi idk what happened but when i press save skin, it says that “the specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters” is there any ways to fix it?


  4. Hello, i already have the previous one (excluding warwick) can you upload just the warwick sound ?
    Thank you xD
    And also thank you to keep updating these sounds, great work ! xD


    • Sorry, but I had to upload them all together. I will probably have to redo the entire thing once Galio’s releases because Lux’s lines also got updated. I don’t now if they’ve been updated in japanese or not, and will have to find out.


  5. I thought this was just a simple one where you just install it in wooxy like when the jp servers just went live someone released a wooxy file for it…


    • It is a simple one. You just have to install the files via wooxy. Not everyone uses the same language or server so there’s no way to efficiently upload a .wxy for every single language/server combo.


      • What do you mean? Then where is the wxy file? all I see is a long complicated youtube video. And what are you talking about “there is no way to efficiently upload a .wxy” I have a wxy with All the Japanese voices. it’s just a year outdated.


        • I can’t upload just ONE wxy file. THere needs to be MULTIPLE. I don’t have the time to create ~30 different, large .wxt files that take an hour each to upload. I have all of the raw files uploaded so EVERYONE can use them. It’s not long, nor is it complicated. If you do not like my method, then don;t use it. Plain and simple.


    • just as a little extra, i think the older voice pack contained voices for the shops in ARAM and they are not included in this pack. i think, i can vividly remember it.


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