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Darklord Veigar (Final boss Veigar voice rework)

So I always felt that Final boss Veigar had quite a high-pitched voice for a boss. Don’t get me wrong it’s good, but I still felt that it didn’t feel dark and scary enough, I tried to recreate this by changing the pitch of his voice and some other small changes. I’m not great with sound design but I think it went good on most of his quotes, and I only did it for personal taste but I felt that I wanted to share this with everyone else if anyone felt the same way about the skin.

Here is a link so you can hear what the mod is all about:

However, you can do whatever you want with it, I don’t own the rights for the voice files(riot). Keep in mind that you will still be needing the Final boss Veigar skin to get it to work, so it’s quite limited if you don’t possess the legendary skin.

Here is the link to my mod:Darklord Veigar voice

This mod goes great with the icon changer for Final Boss Veigar mod: Dark star thresh icons and others

Credits to: Existor for the wonderful Icon change mod!



  1. Sorry but no. Little dudes with low pitched voice, nooooooo Veigar needs his high pitched voice, thats what makes him unique. WHen they hear his voice it should be instantly reconizable “Oh thats viegar”

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    • Well skins to begin with are not canon to their lore, his regular voice is high pitched and he is a really cool looking champion but the voice killed him for me. Like I said in the description, this is just my personal taste on what I prefer on Veigar. I just shared this because I thought other people would like it as well, you don’t have to download it if you don’t like it. But I appreciate the feedback though!

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