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Mapskins in 2016 Recap


Let’s recap all the milestones and highlights on Mapskins in 2016 through this post.

Since it happens to be the 25th edition of Mapskins Weekly and a New year at the same time, we will be taking a look back at all the moments of 2016 by going through all the changes and additions we have done in 2016. My name is PentaKing and I hope to be able to satisfy you with this post.


In the beginning of 2016 we transferred our small group of a few members from Skype to the new platform named Discord. Even though Discord used to be filled with bugs back then, it was a good way for us to place ranks as well as communicate between creators, fans and editors. After 1 whole year of using Discord, we are happy to have made this switch and it has helped us a lot to manage all the creations and the communication.

New Themes

In 2016 we have had a Bilgewater theme for a very long time and the entire site has been remade into this Bilgewater theme along with new creations like Pirate Ahri for example. After having that theme for over half a year, we got access to many new themes on wordpress which is how we got to change the site theme to the theme there is today. This gives a better view on the latest skins as wel as good skins that get featured at the top of the page. We are happy with this new theme as well and we will try to improve it graphically over time.

New Pages

There are many new pages on the site compared to 2015. The Most important ones are:

  • Skin Series
  • Top Skins
  • Mapskins Weekly

These pages have had the biggest impact on the site as there was a new and improved way to show the skins liked by many people rather than them getting buried under the many daily skins that were created (AND FINALLY A SEARCH BAR OH GOD YES).

Over 9000!

Mapskins Facebook page has reached over 9000 likes. A new section for this wasn’t needed but it had to be done.

New Creators

As we extended the site, we got more registrations over time and we got to work together with the greatest custom skin creators in the world. People like Damonix, Sardonyx, MuvLuv, Yoru, Sislex, MrBrokoli and most importantly Crauzer who has helped us more than anyone to reach new methods to create custom skins (“helped” as in responding with “kys” every time you ask him for something). There are MANY more creators that have helped us reach the point we are today and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Top Posts of 2016

Now let’s count the top 25 skins of 2016 based on popularity. To see the top quality skins, visit the top skins page on this site.

  1. The Goddess made by MuvLuv
  2. Japanese Voice Pack by Leischii
  3. Fallen Rift V2 by PentaKing
  4. Project Jhin by Sabre
  5. Elementalist Lux Loading Cards by PentaKing
  6. Star Guardian Urgot by Sardonyx
  7. Transformers Prime by MuvLuv
  8. Project Profile Card by Martin
  9. Celestial Morgana by Team Royal Flush
  10. Forest Guardian ARAM by Damonix
  11. Shadow Isles Rift by Martin
  12. Lazy Rift by Tyre_4770
  13. Harley Jinx by Team Royal Flush
  14. Heavenly Battle Rift by Divine Goddess & PentaKing
  15. Project HUD by Doge
  16. Pool Party Yasuo by Sabre
  17. BattleCast Rengar by Sabre
  18. Dark Star Yasuo by Sabre
  19. Army of the URF Lord by MuvLuv
  20. Yasua, Wanderer of the River Spirit by Team Royal Flush
  21. Project: Riven by Sabre
  22. Royal Ace Yasuo by Team Royal Flush
  23. Khazarim Lee Sin by Sabre
  24. Demon Sasuke by PentaKing
  25. Pulsefire Lucian by Sabre

I hope to have given you all some insight on what has happened and what has been created in 2016. Let’s look back at this at the end of 2017 ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. any info on Chewy? cant load his profile page, and I cant find his uploads (original SR etc) what happened with him?


      • managed to find you on jwfan, found your post from april 2016 (dont ask how I found you) but I cant find your blog still damn


        • he actually did, all the old SR maps got fixed by him on 6th august, I remember I was so happy to play with the orignal SR again after waiting for so long, but now I cant find any of Chewy’s uploads here, and he said that he moved them on his blog, so I hope you can download the original SR map from his blog. cant find his blog tho


          • the minions are bugged and the map doesnt work with the winter map up, although since ranked and customs dont have the winter map it works there, but still the minion are bugged and i wish he fixed that before he left


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