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Presenting: Open Skins

sitebgHappy new year! ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‡
2017 is here and it’s full of life and news for everyone.
Starting today, I’m starting up a new project called Open Skins.


I always used Adobe products since around 15 years ago, because it was easy to use and up to today is considered the industry standard for professionals around the globe.

Recently I was investigating and studying possibilities to expand art, design and custom skins to alternative free solutions. This would open up new horizons for skin creators out there who can’t afford Photoshop (because it’s expensive) or simply don’t want to.

The joy of free open source software

Open source and free software is undeniably a good choice for a lot of reasons, the main ones – in this case – being safe to use (no possibilities of malware) and free to use.

When I say free, I don’t mean just free of cost, but also free as in freedom. We can adapt our tools to our own work style.

However, it’s not easy to migrate or move to open source solutions, as in most cases, they can lack the features we have on paid alternatives. Most users out there are used to Windows or Adobe (like myself) and not everyone feel comfortable trying open free solutions. I had this kind of problem a lot, to be honest, but as I acquired some new experiences the last years, I’m up to the challenge and I hope to benefit a lot of creators with this new project.

So, what is this Open Skins project?

This project will consist of a new group that wish to make this dream comes true. The dream in this case is using successfully free solutions to accomplish professional results for custom skins creation and to share this knowledge to the world.

The group will proceed to learn, discover, teach and share the knowledge about open skin creation. Education and open mind are our main focus.

Do you wish to volunteer to this cause?
If you feel up to the challenge, keep reading to find out how to join.

Photoshop versus Free alternatives

The highest challenge is to bypass our own habits of using the tool full of features to adequate to simpler, yet capable solutions. From my researches and past experience, I feel confident that we can achieve amazing results with some perseverance. We have some few stages left to pass before we reach the optimal approach.

The challenge stages (draft)

  1. First we will create our own group from inside the MapSkins team members.
  2. Then, we will discuss in the upcoming weeks about the best software to accomplish what we want. We will test initially Gimp, Inkscape, Krita and PaintNET.
    At this point, I will also teach how we can use any software regardless of the capability to edit DDS files to design our own skins.
  3. We will then create a new website or forum where we will post and update our discoveries and studies.

Software involved

We plan to discover, learn, experience and share knowledge using only free software and mostly of them being open source. Initially we will start with a simple list of four apps for image edition:

  • Inkscape
  • Gimp
  • Krita
  • Paint.NET

We will incorporate and discuss many other software in other areas as well, such as 3D, image viewers, OS, archivers and others.

Roadmap (draft)

  1. Reunite members who want to join this project. Create a group on Discord.
  2. Together, discover and test open/free tools/software we can use to our objectives.
  3. Organize information and mount a new website for our group/cause.
  4. Create open skins and share the knowledge to the world.

Benefits and Advantages

By joining this group and facing up this challenge, you will help our entire community of skin creators to grow up, learn and discover new and professional ways to accomplish desirable results as well as rise the level between companies and skins creators with friendly, no intrusive/no advantageous skins and designs.

Relationship with Sabre (app)

The Open Skins group intends to have a strong bond with Sabre: a new open source free skin installer in development for League of Legends.


Sabre is a friendly skin installer for League of Legends much like Wooxy. It is currently in alpha stage but under heavy development. The program is open source on GitHub and everyone can contribute to its development.

– Crauzer, Development Leader

Relationship with Wooxy (app)

I contacted Chewy – the Wooxy developer – to discuss about the possibility of Wooxy going Open Source. There is no plans for that at the moment, but this could change in the future. Regardless of this, we still keep using Wooxy as it’s an excellent and wonderful tool for skin creators.

Things to consider before you decide to join or not

Make sure you have an open mind if you wish to ingress in this project and cause. Our mission is to deliver open skins and share the knowledge on how to accomplish that. For that, we will extend our open mission to our own skins as examples, so others can open them freely and modify as they wish. All our creations from inside this group will be with zero copyright – as in Public Domain.

Following this mindset, we will deliver completely open skins in raw format (not .wxy).
You have to accept this to join the group.

How can I join this group and project?

You need to be a member of MapSkins, learn more here.
After you apply your form below, just wait some days until we create the official group. You will be called to join our group if we accept your application.
At a later stage, more users – non members – will be able to join as well.


Q. Will this change anything in MapSkins website content?
A. No. This will not impact our website. The new Open website will be just a small partner of MapSkins and everything we create inside Open Skins will be presented on MapSkins as well.

Q. How is it possible to use those programs if they cannot open DDS files?
A. I will explain better to the group members about this once we create our group. We won’t need native DDS plugins for any programs to work with DDS files.

Q. I am already inside a group. Can I still join this project?
A. Of course. This project group is totally compatible with any other group from MapSkins.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below.



  1. I’m soo Happy to hear that, 2bad i don1t heve the tools or time to make my own skins, otherwise i would definitly want to join and help directly. Such a great idea and brings up a lot of possibilities. I myself plan on making some skins and this will help me a lot, thanks for this and the best of luck to all of you ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I think this is an awesome initiative Yurixy!

    I myself have been trying to gather as much experience as I can, without dropping a dime, and I’m looking forward to the like-minded development.

    And I hope I can be an aid as well.


  3. photoshop is literally just 10$ a month, how in the world is that expensive. And if you are an author we get paid 10$ monthly, so theoretically the balance cancels out, and ps would be “free”


  4. (When u use paint for your particles and finally seeing a chance for others to use) :DD


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