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Mapskins Weekly #24


Welcome everyone to the 23nd edition of Mapskins Weekly! This will cover the top skins for Week 3 of December! Also, big thank you to Damonix for the amazing graphics that he produced for the weekly! 

Hi this is PentaKing once again. I have taken over the Mapskins Weekly post for the next few weeks because Lexianna has a busy schedule at the moment. I hope I can live up to her greatness even a tiny bit ^^


Christmas event

As of December 1st, the Christmas event has officially started. This will mean that there will be many New Christmas skins on mapskins and the best of them will receive prizes. You can find the page here:




Top skins of the week: December Week 3


PROJECT: Diana by RoonthSnake

When a Contributor gets most popular post of the week, they earn a medal. 2 medals can be converted into eligibility for becoming an author. The contributor needs to have a good presentation of the post as well as correct tags and categories. Also the contributor needs to be active on discord showing good behaviour and great charisma. Fan Favorite skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most downloads of the week on the skin.


3th – Skins by Ivar

Ivar has made 4 good remodelled skins this week. So all of them have been added as 3rd place since one skin does not exceed the other. These are the skins he made:


2nd – FireCracker Teemo by SavagePrey


  • Panda Model? With Firework gadgets
  • New Particles for every ability
  • Skin is for Base, Recon, Badger or Panda
  • New Animations
  • Custom Loading Screen Card
Votes  9 Votes 4.5/5
Comments  10
Likes  7
Shares  2


1st – Justicar Evelynn by Damonix & Enchanting Nicole


  • New model
  • New textures
  • New particles
  • Splash art
  • HuD art
Votes  14 votes 5/5
Comments  10
Likes  10
Shares  3

Top quality skin of the week is decided according to the opinions of other creators which then is decided by the amount of time spent on a skin as well as the overall precision & smoothness of the skin for as well as the model as for the textures. Reward for top quality skin of the week guarantees a spot at the wooxy application homepage that is linked to the Top Skins page.



Legends Standings:

1 Muvluv
2 Yoru
3 Enchanting Nicole
4 MrBrokoli
5 Sislex

Legends are the top 5 Authors on mapskins. Legends are decided at the end of each month. These are the current standings. getting first place will give you a 4x bigger reward on the Hall of Fame page than spot 2-5. Reward for reaching highest rank will give you a special reward and access t the Legendia channel on discord.



Mapskins Snowdown Tournament

Since it’s Snowdown, it’s time to have something magical and positive. So I am hosting a tournament which will be 2 weeks long with a grand final at the end. there are 8 NA & EUW Teams who will be facing each other in order to become the winner and win specially designed custom skins, RP and an induction into the Mapskins Hall of Fame. I have asked the teams to tell me about themselves and this is what I got from them:


Hi I’m Green Plate, captain of Team Guac. I saw a post on Reddit about a tournament and thought it would be fun so I gathered a bunch of my friends from school (and one random guy) and made a team. The problem was, I couldn’t think of a name. After trying to consult my teammates on it, the obvious solution was to use the first thing that came to mind, guacamole. The other teams look really stacked but my team doesn’t really mind because we’re mostly here for the experience. Hopefully we can have a good time and take down some teams along the way.


Hi I am Nicole. I am the Team Captain for Aqua Regia. I am a Mapskins Member for about 2 months now so I got to know about this tournament through these announcements. The almighty Dyrus (or as we know him, Martin) has asked me to be in a team with him and another Mapskins member so I joined him. I recruited some of my other friends as well so we got about 8 members. Nicole, erdemozor, Dyrus (Martin), Lux Good, Miss Wolfie, Peterod, TSM iMage and Lord Dinako. Dyrus came up with the name because it sounded pretty awesome. The other teams look really good. in our first match the opponents had a lot of coordination so we will need to practice a lot more as a team in order to win. Our goal is fun but we are aiming for victory and to be the winners. If we win we will be asking for 5 Teemo skins :3

Name: We really love Chewy <3, like literally. We also love bread, would you look at that, Chewy and bread got some connection between them. Thats how we got the baguette part… Then Yorûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûûû made this picture. thats how we got the space part of the name.


Members:Crauzer, the toplane destroyer – Xzanderzone, the jungler who jungles – Chewy, I am sorry for people who are playing vs Chewy in lane – Doge, adc that will kite all of your shit – Yorû, support that loves wind Goal: Basically our goal is to have a good time, but we ain’t forgetting that we are also destroying you in the process. What I think of the other teams: Well, some of them are really scary to be honest, their teamplay and mechanics are in a really good shape, and because of that we need to be 2x better than they are. I wish good luck to everyone who is participating in this event, and see you on rift. Skins: – Cosmic Reaver skins on champions we are playing in the finals (if we get that far)


– How did you come up with the name of your team? capwill suggested it – Who are the members? Seldomwrong, Ban Evelynn, SnowDaySinged, G4m3br0, and capwill – What is your goal? To win the tournament :smile: – What do you think of the other teams? They’re good – What skins are you thinking of designing for us if you win? Yasuo without hair :joy:


Hello Mapskins weekly and merry Christmas from all of the squad here on team CRX, (Chronicle Remix) one of the many teams competing in your snowdown tournament this year! 😀
To begin, the name Chronicle Remix came about when we were trying to look for a ranked teams 5v5, (the good old days!) name and we, while solo-queuing saw a guy called “Khr0nicleRemicks”. For some reason the name latched on and we’re still Chronicle Remix today!
The team together at the moment is Badger our top-lane punch bag, Torok of the jungle who is still in a state of crippling depression after that thresh baron steal (shhhh), vCakenator, (originally a free agent lurking on discord) who has had back pains ever since joining due to having to carry us 24/7! Sorry :(. Then there’s Felixyoho, our very own FORG1VEN with the exception of only having Sivir in his champion pool (again, keep it quiet.) and the second Dutch member of the squad. Finally there’s Ronin, the person who loves to be target banned…(For some reason?!).
Our goal was to join Challenger Series. However, since that won’t happen with Ronin (our support), we joined this instead. But in the future we will look to grow as a team, enter more tournaments and possibly expand CRX into an organization. :open_mouth: Controversial!
The others teams? Apart from Space Baguettes…a challenge. Next? (Just Beef don’t worry lads.)
Welp, we were hoping for CRX skins if we won, but we’ll settle for Star Guardian Urgot instead.
Cheers for the tourney Mapskins! – from CRX


And last but not least we got the most important team of them all which is the Team I am proud to be a part of. We are The ClitSmashers 69. And yes we are serious about this tournament. So this is what I can say of our team:

The name Clitsmashers comes from one of our team members named Darri/Legions1. Back then his summoner name used to be Clit Smasher and when the Clubs system came out, I was one of the first people to join this magnificent sophisticated club named CLITS, the clit smashers. Now that we came to this tournament, we just took over this name in order to bring honor to the name clit smashers. Don’t take us lightly or prepare yourself to get smashed.

Members:Legions1, Da real OG, aka. toplane smasher – PentaKing, the jungler who will make you say his name and call him daddy – Selena Gomez, Yes this is the real Selena Gomez because she got addicted to our clit smashing that she wanted to be part of us. – Pentaqueen, adc that will litterally kill you with kindness and overly cuteness and goes on to make a PentaKill every single game – MissBecca, support that will not be scared to bm you with 25 Stacks babyyyyyy Goal: To Smash and conquer all the competition like SMASH What I think of the other teams:  just some other people who we are ready to smash cause we got skins and skins => win. There is some good competition from what we have seen, but nothing will be good enough to hold back the astonishing Clit Smashers. Skins: – 5 Clit Smasher Taric Skins with all his Dazzling Glory.

(PS: We are just joking. We don’t really smash clits but we do smash your dreams and hopes of becoming the winner of the MST HAHAHA)

This is the current schedule for the teams. There will be matches for 2 weeks long.


Here is the first match that took place:

Join Direct Discord Tournament Server Link: to stay up to date with the tournament and the results 🙂


My name is PentaKing, and this was all for Mapskins Weekly #24. We hope to see you next time!




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