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Winter Crystal Rift


Face the mighty Frozen Dragon!





  • Purple Fire
  • Smooth transitions
  • Reduced brightness – better snow for the eyes
  • Frozen jungle lakes
  • Custom frozen roads
  • Crystal rocks
  • Frozen structures, minions and monsters


  • Download Winter Crystal Map
  • Install and open Wooxy
  • Inside Wooxy, go to “Skins collection”
  • Drag and drop the downloaded map zip inside Wooxy
    • If the step above does not work, click on “Import skin” => “Add a package”, select your downloaded zip

Check out my previous works!

Moon Petal Rift


Beach Rift


Night Rift

Ghost Dragon v2

Let me know if you have suggestions for maps!


  1. Oh wise goddess, why do you bless your people so? Even though I know truly that we are not worthy of your opulent gifts? I beseech you to answer, though I know it is not my place. Wise goddess, why do you honour us so?

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  2. Some ideas for SM map:

    Bilgewater rift

    Banana and apple rift

    Under sea rift

    Candy rift ( cookies cakes.. )

    Movie rift

    Crime rift

    High noon rift

    Arcade rift

    Zoo rift

    Football rift

    All famous status rift

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  3. I’m surprised those colors worked so well for a winter map =o but im actually finding myself loving these colors, and the textures are suitable aswell =3 good job yurixy! loving it~~

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