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Shurima Aram


~Stay a while and listen!~


Known issues warning

I’m well aware this map didn’t turn out completely as flawless as i’d hope, however the remaining issues on the map were things i  didn’t have the know how to fix, So if you do encounter issues with the maps features, Please drop by and leave a comment, Make sure to read previous comments to find out if your issue already been brought up/replied to!

Thanks in advance~


  • New Textures
  • New Shop keepers
  • New Poro’s
  • New Structures
  • New Particles
  • New Snowball Summoner spell effect.


First of all, I wanna mention some people for helping me out, without them this wouldn’t have been even half as good as it turned out.

ZiGiZaG: Structure porting and snowball particles.
PentaKing: Helping me with the shopkeepers.

Thank you both for helping me out with this project, it meant a lot to me. Even when i got stuck and thought it was gonna be a lost cause, Ya’ll still wanted to help and get it done.

Shurima Aram



    • Yes shortly after releasing it, The patch broke the turrets and made them the way they are now and have yet to be fixed. Very unfortunate.


      • Did you plan on fixing the turrets anytime soon? Or did you scrap the project? ^.^ Just wondering cause it’s a really cool idea an dI would love to see the azir turrets haha.


  1. Kudos to everyone that helped this map see the light of day since this is really an amazing map and definitely rito worthy if not betther.

    A little bugged atm with the turrets for it to start but if disabled it is working.


  2. could you make one for summoners rift, im a streamer and i play a lot of azir. i would LOVE you. it looks amazing btw!


  3. Turret currently crashing the game, So till that’s Fixed you can go into settings and manually unsellect the turret files, Reverting turrets back to default aram but that’s better than crashing atm.


  4. Holy crab this looks good… i just dont like this azir tower as standard towers for the map but i think i have to live with it :v


    • It is possible there could be interference when using other custom content altering turrets from Summoners rift/aram/twisted treeline or even azir, So do me a favor and try uninstalling all other content and try running the shurima aram to see if there is an issue with other skin content or the shurima aram itself, If so you can always narrow it down and see which one specifically messes it up for you. and mention it in here once you do find out more. Would be very helpfull thank you.


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