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A self-proclaimed “AffimaX” secret organization

Affimojas,the general of “AffimaX” who is extremely obsessed with money, and is willing to plunge anything(except one thing) into chaos for the sake of a profit
Steamax,a manager of the secret organization “AffimaX” a moody ninja robot who is follow only his General Affimojas(and another person)’s orders and command,though he is the only one last of Affimojas’s robot army that is not turning into monster after the corruption of The Dark Goddess began


This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Garen
some preview pics


This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Leona
some preview pics

>>>Download link here<<<

Custom Voice update is out

Unpack file before installing,use add package and import the WXY file in the folder アフィ魔X after unpack.If you found any bug please contact me via Mapskins Discord Channel

But still not yet there are still many more skins from Neptunia soon and the custom voice for this will be update soon



  1. Holy mother of god this duo xD

    As always, I would be waiting for the custom voices 🙂

    I would be also waiting for a Uni skin, and my ADR-Support combination will be complete xD If you know what I mean.


  2. Very nice! Just curious, why don’t you create two posts and release each skin as a single champ skin? It’s way easier to find your skins this way inside the correct champion pages.

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