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Mapskins Weekly #19

Welcome everyone to the 19th edition of Mapskins Weekly! This will cover the top skins for Week 3 of November!


Top skins of the week: November week 3


When a Contributor gets most popular post of the week, they earn a medal. 2 medals can be converted into eligibility for becoming an author. The contributor needs to have a good presentation of the post as well as correct tags and categories. Also the contributor needs to be active on discord showing good behaviour and great charisma.

Most popular skin of the week

Dark Form Katarina By Sislex

Very lovely skin, now if only I could play the new Katarina… :’c

Most popular skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most views of the week on the skin. Winner earns a medal! (unless the maximum rank has been achieved or if it is a team project).


 Cosmic Reaver Zed By Carnelianwrath

Actually pretty nice! …I never really see you on the Mapskins Discord do I? Contributor?

Fan Favorite skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most downloads of the week on the skin.


3rd – French Maid Katarina By Enchanting Nicole


  • New model for Katarina Base
  • New textures
Votes 8 votes 4.5/5
Comments 9
Likes 3
Shares 1


2nd – Bittersweet Morgana By Yoru


  • Bewitching Morgana
  • Candy Particles
  • Loadingscreen n’ Stuff
Votes 15 votes 3/5
Comments 10
Likes 5
Shares 4


1st – Jack Skellington as Ivern By Xzanderzone

I think it fits well enough.


  • Loadingscreen
  • Hud icons(not on skills)
  • New model for ivern
  • New model for daisy( R )
  • Particles adjusted to halloween /dark blue theme
Votes 15 votes 5/5
Comments 19
Likes 6
Shares 4

Top quality skin of the week is decided according to the opinions of other creators which then is decided by the amount of time spent on a skin as well as the overall precision & smoothness of the skin for as well as the model as for the textures. Reward for top quality skin of the week guarantees a spot at the wooxy application homepage that is linked to the Top Skins page.


Honorable Mentions

Evelynn As Sheik & Some Happy Mask Boy as Singed By Mrbrokoli

Officer Riven & Bloodmoon Janna By Enchanting Nicole


Legends Standings:

1 Yoru
2 Muvluv
3 Existor
4 MrBrokoli
5 Savageprey

You got 10 days left to reach enough popularity in order to become a Legend.






In this section of the weekly, Lexianna will be interviewing a skin creator of Mapskins each week, asking them different questions. Sometimes the questions will be the same as other’s, sometimes there will be questions asked only to those specific creators because she likes spicing things up if she can.

Interview with …Whoever Pentaking chose! (Doge the chosen one. Chosen Doge skin make it happen)

King of Kings
Welcome doge to the Mapskins weekly Interview

Oh snap

King of Kings
first, tell me if you are worthy of being interviewed by the king of Kings to be his loyal subject for a few minutes of your obsolete life?

Hahahahahahaha takes gun
I am more than worthy

King of Kings
good dog
throws bone

shoots king

King of Kings
anyway let’s go, when did you decide to join mapskins. and where did you find us

Everything started with, “I want to get skins to base stuff, after MKJogo got banned”. Then I don’t remember how exactly, but I stumbled across Nagiliants stream via Probably because of the Asiimov Rek’Sai skin.(Don’t clearly remember that part). Thats where I met Nagiliant and Crauzer, while Nagiliant was drawing his stuff, I found Crauzer in the chatroom, so I asked for his Skype and we started talking. I was really interested into getting Riven files to base, but it didn’t work out how I wanted to. We started talking more and more, as I got more annoying by each day to him asking if I could join Natoken etc. I wasn’t interested into working alone, so I registered only to prove myself to Natoken
So I should say, Asiimov Reksai (the biggest meme on the mapskins) got me into skin modding

King of Kings
That sounds pretty disappointing 😀 people have stories about being brought here by celestial morgana or pikachu kennen, and you are here through asiimov shit’sai
I mean Rek’sai

True 🙂
If I remember correctly, Kennen and Nocturne skins were as a confirmation that I want to join Natoken

King of Kings
as you said you joined Natoken which is now known as Sabre. what is your role in the group of the past year since you started

Texture/Particle editing
Also part time job of Splash arts

King of Kings
which work would you say is your most favorite/best of all the things you have created (nude skins not included)

Bilgewater Rift ™

Even tho it’s not released yet, it is really close to Finished state.

King of Kings
That’s fair enough. how much time did you spend on it in hours/days not counting the gaps in between

A lot, I have lost count on it. I suppose more than 88 hours 😉 😀

King of Kings
RIP asiimov rift
moving on, you are one of the most, if not the most, active member on discord. what do you enjoy and what do you hate the most about discord (you can be honest)

I really enjoy talking with people in general. But unfortunately there are more things I hate, than I like. One of the biggest things I hate is that people takes only one kind of feedback as a feedback in general, if you disagree or say something bad about their creation, they lose their shit and immediately runs to admins.

King of Kings
doge for admin 2017?
Make mapskins great again


King of Kings incoming
talking about memes, explain your name

Heh, this one’s hard. 😀

I think I chose this because of my passion of dank memes and dogs. I wanted to use Dumbledoge as my nickname, but then I found out that there is a pro League player with that name, and people would call out me for copying his name so I just used Doge instead.

King of Kings
and are you similar to a doge irl?
walking around
barking at people passing by
peeing anywhere you want to

No no no, I am really against all of this Social Justice Retard movement, and otherkin stuff.

King of Kings
okay haha
who is your most favorite creator
and what is your most favorite skin on mapskins

Crauzer <3, he taught me a lot of things about Moddeling, and he has made countless of awesome skins

My most favorite skin on mapskins is non other than Dark Star Draven (by Crauzer), that skin, on that timme was on a new level itself, I was really amazed by how good the particles were.

King of Kings
Crauzer senpai notice doge
if you had a choice, would you marry crauzer, or would you just go ahead and marry crauzer?

I would make a chroma

King of Kings
oh yeah right, you don’t really have a choice here
what is your most favorite chroma on mapskins

I will simply go the asshole path, there aren’t people who make better chromas than I do. But the best one I think I have made was Arcade Corki (The pink version), becasue I also made a new drawings on it 😛

The reason I think that there aren’t people who know how to make chromas is because the only thing I see on their skins is Hue/Saturation tool on multiple layers, when I don’t use Hue/Sat at all, I make precise cuts and try to create the best fitting color scheme on the skin that is possible.

King of Kings
you got the most downloaded chromas on the site after all

King of Kings
that’s one way to reach Legend 🙂 kinda Ironic 😛


King of Kings
are you single and looking for a girlfriend?

HeyGjurls 😉
Yea, looking

King of Kings
do you have any mapskins crush?

Nope. But there is one I have in mind 😉 , not from mapskins tho.

King of Kings
pokemon sun or moon

definitely moon
Darkness ❤

King of Kings
I guess that’s all for this interview. do you have anything to add up which I missed?

Anyways, thanks for interviewing me
Have a nice day

King of Kings
Thanks doggie ❤


My name is Lexianna, and this was all for Mapskins Weekly #19. We hope to see you next time!




  1. It’s so strange to see Doge talking serious… This doesn’t look like Doge at all 😛
    On another note, kinda sad this weekly didn’t give any mention to Lotus Rift, “mapskins weekly” => no mapskins mentioned.


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