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Lotus Rift

A vibrant colorful world awaits

Main Features

  • Exclusive oriental garden base designs.
  • New 3D lotus flower model for rivers and jungle.
  • Soft grass and soil, smooth transition with vibrant gamma of colors.
  • Stones replaced by Wooden pieces and walls blends for a unique charm.
  • Mystic purple fire from braziers don’t burn wood. Magical nature friendly fire!
  • 48 new particles and nine 3D lotus flowers across the map.
  • Hot spring, sandy beach and more details.
  • Manually painted bushes for better clarity.
  • Vibrant, color-rich environment that comes in three different styles for your choice:
    • Mysterious Petal – Exotic red trees and mysterious angular stone roads. High brightness style.
    • Twilight Petal – Sunset experience with lower brightness, curvy stone roads, hot colors and orange-yellow trees. Reduced brightness can be easier on eyes.
    • Moon Petal – Magical moonlight scene with cold color spectrum for trees and plants. The low brightness creates a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Particles Preview

3D Lotus Flowers have special magic particles attached to them. They also attract butterflies.
Braziers have mystic purple fire to prevent them and nearby wooden structures of getting burned.


Bushes are painted with distinct soft colors for better clarity.


Base Design

Bases have an exclusive design based on oriental garden style, full of flowers and grass cut.


Hot spring and Beach

Top lane features a rustic oriental hot spring while Bot lane features a small sandy beach.



Discover beautiful paths as you explore the map. A vibrant, rich and colorful world awaits.



  • High brightness
  • Green to Red color spectrum
  • Mysterious pointed stone roads

Experience the flowers and textures in full glory with highest contrast and brightness




  • Medium brightness
  • Hot colors spectrum
  • Stone roads

Medium brightness makes the map easier for eyes and to see skill-shots




  • Low brightness
  • Cold colors spectrum
  • Stone roads

Magical experience while new particles shine beautifully in the low brightness environment



Extra Add On

Download the Lotus Rift – Add On to get the following extras:

  • Mystic purple fire.
  • 48 new particles linked with Lotus Flowers.
  • 9 new 3D lotus flowers – 8 of them linked with 6 particles each, one flower without particles inside the wolf cave.
  • 3D map structure (wgeo) – may prevent errors with future map changes.

Featured Champion Skins

Best Champion custom skins to combine with this map:


  • Video soundtracks:
    • Copyright by Atelier Ayesha – Gust™.
    • Copyright by Seiken Densetsu 3 – Square Enix™.
    • Musics and Soundtracks in the videos are property of their respective owners.
  • Summoner Rift – League of Legends map is property of Riot Games®.

Credits and Thanks

  • PentaQueen – for giving me inspiration to do this map through Sakura Ahri.
  • PentaKing – for helping me with testing, feedback and 3D lotus flowers implementation.
  • Koriinee – for creating the 3D lotus flower.
  • Damonix – for helping me with testing and feedback.
  • Lexianna – for the wonderful mapskins weeklies and for giving me inspiration to do the Moon Petal color spectrum – based on a lost promised Poppy skin.
  • Chewy – for the wonderful skin installer and map editor which made this map possible.
  • LGG – for the former skin installer which gave birth to our modifications.


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  2. Hi, I’m not sure if its the skin or my client but I installed it and theres a section in the middle of each lane that doesn’t change, its like a diamond shape where the original summoners rift can be seen next to the rest of the custom skin

    After checking with other maps I saw that its the same with all of them too


  3. Hey there, your Map Designs look incredibly good! The download links are broken though. :c
    Is there any way you could fix this? I’d love to use your map skins! 🙂


  4. Yurixy, Hi, i’m searching like for days but nobody cant answer me i wanted to know if it was possible to change the fountain turret red side, i found how to do it for blue side but it doesnt works at all for the red side, i can only change the textures of the red one but not the ”core build” i just want to put this thing out

    i’m speaking about the ”women turret” of the fountai with a red crystal.


    • Can you explain/elaborate more? I appreciate feedback. What exactly does look ugly to you? The colors combination? The textures used? The roads? The theme? The base design?


      • The textures are horrible, so are the colours. Especially the roads, but also the parquetry. The biggest flaw is the contrast, tho. Base skin is very sober and it smoothly passes in colors. Blue goes to the green, green to the yellow, yellow to the orange and red. You are jumping out of light grey to dark brown, green and purple. Thanks to that, the game is unclear and the visibility is awful. Using this skin is basically a suicide.

        You’ve really put much work in it, and some parts of the map are nice, like the sand near the river, random blossoms, etc.
        Basically, you need to create the textures by yourself to improve your craft. Also, you need to use less realistic style, it doesn’t look good at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      • um i dont know why but the map isnt working for some reason anyone also having problems? if you fixed plez help me


  5. I get the error: is not recognized as a valid wooxy skin. help me pleas i really want this skin


  6. This is absolutely beautiful! It works perfectly with the new jungle and it really blends the new plants in just absolutely wonderfully. One of my largest complaints in terms of aesthetics for the plants was that they don’t blend will with the default map. But now that you have released this gorgeous piece of work, I’m truly at a loss for words. Thank you and I heavily look forward to your future works 🙂

    Stay safe and stay sharp,
    Jae Ha.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. As I was watching the videos I felt that the moon one had something to do with me and I remembered the lost Poppy while I was watching it! (The purple trees and such was what kinda got me thinking about all that) Amazing masterpiece you’ve created, Yurixy! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. How does this work with the new jungle though? Perfectly fine but with different camps? Is it just that you made the videos before the jungle changes?


  9. Wooxy isnt working anymore for me 😦 I always get that Wooxy couldnt find release/


  10. “My genius will be understood – eventually.” hehe -.-‘

    Seriously now though.. This may be the BEST map skin so far. Its incredibly beautiful. o.O
    I just…. love it.

    Liked by 2 people

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