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Blood Moon Janna


Hello people, here is my next remodelled skin: Blood Moon Janna


bmjss1 bmjss2



  • New model for Janna Base
  • New particles
  • New textures

General Info:

  • Author: Enchanting Nicole
  • Size: 1.4 MB
  • Release Date: 8 November 2016

Thank you LoneCutie for helping me with the video ❤ Try it out yourself. Hope you will enjoy it. Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think of the skin and if you have any ideas for new skins which you would like to see.

Download and Install:

0256You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Download Blood Moon Janna.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



  1. Congrats on the skin!

    I’ll leave it here for anyone interested the video I made about it, obviously the post’s link and credit is in the description.

    Keep it up, great work!


  2. Hello enchanting , may a request a skin ? if it’s possible of course , can you try make french maid katarina pls ? by the way i love your work !


  3. Hi Enchanting Nicole, just wanted to say that I love your skins and I would absolutely love a Ryze with particle effect changes. He’s my main and I feel like he is so under represented in the map skins community. If you could do this I would be so happy, thank you and keep up the amazing work!


  4. Bull shit there is new particles. That’s a damn lie and you fucking know it. I do like the model though.


    • Okay, chill your triggerment, and I know I shouldn’t have been so harsh. I apologize, BUT. I do think if you would have added a darker red to the aa’s and a red tinge to the Q and Ultimate, this would be perfect. (:


    • bad skin, Janna is wearing to much clothing. Everyone knows Janna practically doesn’t wear clothes


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