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Chromas are not allowed anymore

From now on, we are prohibiting skins from Paid to Base models with Chromas or color changes. We will allow if the skin has significant changes or use the Riot models as assets for the custom skin. For example, if the model is changed and/or uses significant different textures (not color change). For more information on how to do significant changes to textures, please read the intro to skin creation guide.

Remembering that we also don’t allow simple Chromas or color changes for Default models as well.

Our goal is to have a safer environment with custom skins, without giving the users the opportunity of using/testing paid skins.
We always strive to be on friendly side with Riot/Tencent decisions.

State your opinion and let us know what you think about this.



  1. I just read this, and i think it will be fine. It really pains when everyone can use the skin i paid 4 free.
    Even tho i’m still trying recoloring some skins as a beginner i can see a bight future after this ‘change’.


  2. Actually, Yuro (orYura, sorry) did a beautiful darkflame kindred, and, even thought i think it’s just a recolor, it’s just incredibly good-looking, he modified textures and all… So, don’t let the nice ones go neither :p

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    • I call bullshit somewhat. While Chromas themselves can be nice looking or just a cheap recolor…… I find the bullshit in “u don’t get test paid skins” When there are mANY MANY MANY EASY AND HARD WAYS TO DO SO.


  3. Does this apply to base chromas? I understand the basically not wanting people to make skins that cost rp, “custom skins” that are free.


  4. Hi, Am not a skin maker but I got 1 little question about the custom skins, is it true that riot is removing them in the next few months?


  5. I got advice, remove everything from this site and made it woxy download only site if youre going this router. Let people create a way better, proper woxy skins database somewhere else on a different website not owned by you.


  6. I personally think you should keep the older ones, because I’m still a little proud of my Black Mecha Zero Sion (And it took some time surprisingly). But I am glad to see this rule enacted.

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    • We will allow “paid to base” models when we see enough effort and differences from the original. Simple changes are not allowed. Does not necessarily need a model change, but a high quality retexture will be needed. We will approve easier if the skin is “paid to paid” instead of “paid to base”. This is more fair for everyone. We also recommend players to buy Riot skins as they are the best quality.


  7. FOr example, if i do a Chroma Pentakill YOrick for Base, that is not allowed. But if i do Pentakill Yorick CHroma for only the Pentakill skin its allowed?


    • It’s allowed paid to paid, but remember that we always keep an eye for disapproving lazy skins, for example a hue change over the entire skin.


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