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Tea Party Syndra

My new Syndra skin, i wont work on it cuz i hate it deeply, enjoy :syndra-print-2

Old version:screen363

New [printscreens by piltover filmes] (the one downloadable):screen71


Splash (unknown author):


WARNING: the spheres on this skin may consume a lot of memory.

Download here



  1. This is one beautiful skin, utterly well done! My favorite costum skin i’ve seen so far, the quality compared to originality is awesome. Very well done!

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  2. It’s so beautiful! To be honest, this is one of my favorite skins… The bubbles especially are great, and they don’t hurt memory in the slightest (at least for me).

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    • Thanks! 😀 i was afraid of the bubbles being a bit too heavy cuz i had to increase the quality of the model, good to know its not that bad ^^


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