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Rainbow Zac

A Zac skin that changes color overtime ๐Ÿ™‚zac-rainbow-gif


Known bugs:
Zac wont get “transparent” when on bushes.

Download Rainbow Zac



  1. No longer works, needs updating, the skin is not only invisible but a T shape which you can see based on it’s shadow.


  2. Is there any way I could convince you to tackle a Vlad skin? Arcade, green pixel fire (or lightning), rainbow, anything! I main and stream mostly him plz I
    would like some fresh blood.


    • Also if you happen to make this skin, make it so that it could work with infiltrator as well? thank you c:

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  3. Hey, I saw your previous work and im wondering if you know how to edit spell sound effects? i know you have to modify the bnk file but i have no clue how to change its contents. please help :/

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