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The Next Form Goddess

The Next Form Goddess

Its finally time,The Goddesses has Evolved,Next Form is finally OUT

Next Form Goddess,a new evolution of the goddess‘s power fused with the power of The Gold Third’s energy crystal,emerge into the new form call “Next Form”

Neptune The Next Purple

This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Kayle
New Update include
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities and emotions
*New glow particles
*New Q Reckoning,W Divine Blessing and R Intervention particles
*Adjusted E Righteous Fury for sword glow particles but not flames particles
some preview pics and video

Noire The Next Black

This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Kassadin
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities and emotions
*New Basic attack,Q Null Sphere,W Nether Blade,E Force Pulse and R Riftwalk particles
#Special thanks to Erdemozor for helping with Kassadin’s original blade particles
some preview pics and video

Vert The Next Green

This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Jarvan IV
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities and emotions
*New W Golden Aegis,E Demacian Standard and R Cataclysm particles
some preview pics and video

Blanc The Next White

This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Darius
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities and emotions
*New glow particles
*New Passive Hemorrhage and Noxian Might,Q Decimate,W Crippling Strike,E Apprehend and R Noxian Guillotine particles
some preview pics and video

>>>Download link here<<<
The Next Form Goddess
and heres a fix for Neptune The Next Purple patch 7.5,install it along with the skin
Neptune The Next Purple 7.5 fix

Unpack file before installing,use add package and import the WXY file in the folder ネクストフォーム女神 after unpack.If you found any bug or custom voice does not work please contact me via Mapskins Discord Channel and if you want The Next Goddess in without custom voice version please contact me via Mapskins Discord Channel

But still not yet there are still many more skins from Neptunia soon



  1. Congratulations on your work, it looks amazing!

    I’ll leave it here for anyone interested the video I made about it, obviously the post’s link and credit is in the description. Feel free to include it in this post if you need.

    Keep it up, great work!


  2. Kassadin its working on this last patch, meanwhile J4, Darius and Kayle no. How are your progress with making them on WAV files? ^^


  3. Hello Muv! Back here again. Cuz I saw your 7.5 fix.

    I don’t if this was your intention, but Kayle’s Q skill has no particles/effects. Nothing could be seen. Haven’t really paid attention to the W skill, but the E skill doesn’t have glows on her sword. I also didn’t pay attention to the ultimate skill, I might check it again later.

    By the way, she’s also smaller than usual xD Not sure if you really made it that way, I’m not complaining though. I also like the new animations and the new SFX of the E skill 🙂

    Keep it up!


    • Oops, there’s a glow on Nep’s sword when E skill is active. I just didn’t notice it because it’s small xD

      EDIT: I removed the 6.24 fix for Kayle. Everything works like charm now. ❤


      • I don’t know what really happened. lol. I don’t play Kayle that much so I don’t know if the animations were custom or it’s the default. Cuz the last time I played Kayle, she doesn’t move like that (She was like, diving now, and the attack animation with E is her swinging her sword, not slashing.)


  4. Darius skin only doesn’t work if someone uses a Chroma for it. close the client, uninstall skin, reconnect to game, and your game will run (but the skin won’t)


    • some big changes to league client make it doesnt work anymore.but still,I can still fix some part of it but 2 things might not be 100% working is the custom vo and particles


      • checked: it does not cracks game
        Darius/ Zarvan IV works well with custom sounds
        Kayle doesn’t work (no sounds, no in-game differences) only loading screen and champion icon works
        couldn’t check for Kassadin
        also i am also using your old 8 champion skin pack(for yasuo/zed/azir/riven….)
        and those work well but do not gives me custom sound


        • After game and relaunch: the client says some files are corrupt and won’t allow me to run without fixing it
          and everything wooxy installed has been removed except for the image in the client
          (no in-game change for every skins and even interface HUD)
          plz help


  5. Oye no le entiendo muy bien.
    Yo quiero instalar la de la 2,3,4 de la imagen como le hago?
    Solo se puede el 1 y no tiene partículas, hay algo que hago mal?.
    No entiendo como hay que hacerle. Solo me aparece 1, como instalo las demás?


  6. Hi, I am using your skin usefully.
    I have some request.
    I want to apply it to other skins besides the basic skins.
    You can create it yourself, but you do not have the original file.
    Can you provide an original skin file?

    I do not know how to decompress the wxy file.
    I’m a Neptune fan like you.


  7. Hello MuvLuv, gorgeous skins, but I have a problem, I have no voice acting characters. Maybe something to do, did everything according to instructions through Wooxy.


  8. kayle doesn’t work atm :/ new patch seemed to changed some stuff. custom skin doesn’t show up ingame . only loadingscreen works for her, other ones still work well and look awesome (:


  9. Darius works for me now. Thanks for the new update!

    Still Kayle’s model isn’t changed, though the splash art is fixed (before it was still Kayle’s)

    I guess I’ll wait for another update 🙂

    Playing in Garena PH btw.


  10. I loved ur skin as well, so when i see this i download this skin instantly, but just now i tried using jarvan, and its basic skin still intact, voices as well.
    Please fix it T_T. i really want to use this mod.
    I play on Garena as well.


    • Oh sry forgot to add, Darius skin works well for me. dunno the other 2 as i don’t have the hero and none use it yet.


      • Should be indonesian server and language (i download from, indonesian site)
        But if not indonesian, then it’s singapore, doesn’t know exactly, sorry :(.
        But ur other mod The Goddess and Ekko (as neptune i think) mod works well.


  11. umm darius and kayle aren’t working right
    kayle’s skin doesn’t show up and darius just goes into gmod stiffy mode


      • i have the same problem with the darius skin (and some other unrelated model changing skins) where he just goes into the t-stance thing, not showing any animations but the rest is working fine. i am playing on EUW btw if that helps. (i also tried redownloading the skin and wooxy, didnt help)


  12. WOW
    It’s amazing!
    You are a great Creator of costume skins!

    What do you think about to create some anime’s skins?
    Like One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater or Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

    Make Anime’s Skins!!!!


  13. is the darius skin replace the base skin ?
    it doesn’t change the champ, it does change the particle effects and the voice


  14. Im sorry i ever doubted you. BUT you really need to allow for individual downloads rather than bundeling everything


  15. MuvLuv if you keep going like that then soon all the champions in the League will be Nep-ified. Good work 😛


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