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Sleepy Hollow Darius


Hello Guys and Gals, For today’s skin I made Sleepy Hollow Darius! This is my Spooky Halloween skin for this year!

wooxy tempppp.png

  • New Model 

  • New Particles for every ability

  • New Recall

  • Skin is for Base 

  • Custom Loading Screen Card

Whats New? 11/05/2016

– First blood drop now properly rotates around enemy

– Passive Hemorrhage Indicator no longer has that line coming from it

Whats New? 4/28/2017

  • Fixed Q Sound

  • Adjusted Q and R Particles

  • Now compatible with Lord and Academy

wooxy tempppppp



For this years Harrowing Event I present to you Sleepy Hollow Darius! This skin has all new fire particles for every ability. It has a custom Hemorrhage max stack particle which is a fire pumpkin which has 2 axes crossing thru it (This thing was stupid hard to make). Instead of those blood drops I’ve replaced it with some more pumpkins. Q is just fire ring, with on hit fire effects. Active W has a trail of fire from the hands, ground and axe! E, has on hit custom pumpkin bits. And the ult has alot of… (You’ll never guess)… Fire particles, embers included! My concept originally was to have a cape on him, but due to difficult and frustrating conditions, I just removed it in general (Skin still looks good, Right?) I want to thank Alex131994 for helping me out to smooth the model animations, I had to bug him a bit on this. And If you dont know, Sleepy Hollow is where the origin “Headless Horseman” came from, Where he was born more or less.

Skin used in pictures above: Pumpkinhead Garen by CarnelianWrath

YouTube Channel: SavagePrey

Author: SavagePrey

Size: 8.18 MB

Date Made: 10/23/2016



2. (MAKE SURE TO UPDATE WOOXY) In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded wxy file.

3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.




  1. Congrats on the skin!

    I’ll leave it here for anyone interested the video I made about it, obviously the post’s link and credit is in the description.

    Keep it up, great work!


  2. Hey man, just wanted to say I love the skin, and want to try it out but i think the link is broken, could you fix it pls 😀 would be awesome


  3. thank youuu !!!
    Pls can you check out the early concept for reksai it looks so awesome pls try it if you like thanks !!!


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