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Execution Ground (SR)

~Stay a while and listen!~

  • New textures for Summoners rift.
  • Loading art

Summoners rift as a make shift execution ground, Signs of neglect can be seen throughout the area as it slowly decays.
Twisted remains of bodies, Dead leafs from the seasonal changes as it closes in to the harrowing, Do you dare to remain in this
place as the forsaken rise to claim revenge ? Prepare yourself for a battle for live throughout the night of the harrowing, on the execution grounds.



  1. For some reason, even though I imported and installed it just fine, when I load into a game I only have the normal Summoner’s Rift. Any idea how to resolve this?


  2. I love this map lol. Not only the map is good. It also kinda gives a boost to your fps. Like seriously, I use this map and left my vsync on and it never goes below 60 on very high.

    Unlike others(which fall to 40-49 sometimes), overall I pick this over those.


  3. Pretty sweet map not gonna lie although I do have a few minor nitpicks that I think would make this map perfect if you ever decide to update/rework it. First is take out a few of the random dead bodies. Not necessarily all of them as they work great with the atmosphere, but maybe not piles of them everywhere and instead keep a few key locations with one or two each. And second is the transition from a path to jungle camps and the edge of terrain could use with some blending. I like the toxic slime kind of theme going on in the jungle camps, but the sudden transition just doesnt work for me, and with the terrain edge it just kind of goes back to grass which just kind of throws off the whole theme. Otherwise awesome map definitely 9/10 love the pentagram top lol


    • oh also the random bone pile in the fountain is kinda wierd seeing as how the rest of the stonework is still pretty normal. Maybe just make it in patches instead of the whole thing or replace it with ruined stone like a little farther out of the base or spread the leaves all the way maybe?


  4. the map is pretty f****** awesome not gonna lie, but is there a version without so much bodies? i love the stone work and the eerie feeling but the bodies ruin it for me


      • Sorry to hear that they ruin it for you ^^, As for editing this map, It’s possible, but it’d require more than you’d think due to how the maps are structured. What i can do is make a future map with similar style but without the death for a more autumn like map instead ?


  5. Trying to import… and… “This is not valid Wooxy skin”. (Extracted from archrive and then trying to import in prorgam”). What? Why?


    • Originally i wanted to make it less aturated and darker, but for my first time making a summoner rift skin it was too daunting of a task to deal with all the chunks, so this was my way of working around that issue and learn as i go along^^ but ill keep that in mind if i ever update it.


      • Yey! you replied with Oh Gosh! glad I made you feel something! xD I might hire you in the future to make something very special for me jijiji….Love you bro,ty for the map again! just woke up gonna try it on

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  6. Feel like there is such a big contrast between the paths and the camp, it goes from brown straight into green, I recommend some value change or gradually switch into the color/texture. And It seems the dirt is overpowering the whole map, maybe add some dead grass texture? to even it out in the dirt? or different shades of dirt. Anyways I do love the concept! And i know alot of work was put into this map! GOOD JOB!


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