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Execution Ground (SR)

~Stay a while and listen!~

  • New textures for Summoners rift.
  • Loading art

Summoners rift as a make shift execution ground, Signs of neglect can be seen throughout the area as it slowly decays.
Twisted remains of bodies, Dead leafs from the seasonal changes as it closes in to the harrowing, Do you dare to remain in this
place as the forsaken rise to claim revenge ? Prepare yourself for a battle for live throughout the night of the harrowing, on the execution grounds.


    • Originally i wanted to make it less aturated and darker, but for my first time making a summoner rift skin it was too daunting of a task to deal with all the chunks, so this was my way of working around that issue and learn as i go along^^ but ill keep that in mind if i ever update it.


  1. Feel like there is such a big contrast between the paths and the camp, it goes from brown straight into green, I recommend some value change or gradually switch into the color/texture. And It seems the dirt is overpowering the whole map, maybe add some dead grass texture? to even it out in the dirt? or different shades of dirt. Anyways I do love the concept! And i know alot of work was put into this map! GOOD JOB!


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