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Angel Fish Nami

~Stay a while and listen!~

  • Custom texture
  • Custom particles
  • Edited Art
  • Custom Sharkee (Thanks Yoru)

A light and angelic look to the mermaid we all know and love. Imagine an angelic mermaid with feathery fins flying in the sky creating rainbows and bending light to their will, Like lux! but different.
Note!: While using the particles other champion and skins might be affected.



  1. =( ive been asking this quite a lot to other skin artist creators but haven’t received one single answer… I hope you’ll answer me though… Do you think you could make a Baby pink Koi nami? Basically Koi nami but a light pink coloured one… Would’ve been sooo good if you could make it for base + koi nami! ^-^
    ~Hope to hear from you soon. Great work on this Nami skin 🙂


    • Well the answer for me is rather simple, Yes i COULD make it, but due to it being a minor change that’s not even changing the color (only its saturation more or less) i wouldn’t release it as an actuall custom skin nor would i be allowed to.However if you follow the guides you can easily do this yourself with little to no effort. Sorry i couldn’t grant your request but i wish you luck and hope that you’ll be able to find a solution.


      • That’s really unfortunate. Believe me, I do not ask others because I’m lazy to learn or anything similar in that regard. The thing is that I’ve tried but it doesn’t work out for me… Tried so many times but the colour fails over and over… It’d be like another chroma addition though :/


  2. Hey, congratulations on this work!

    I’ll leave here for anyone interested the video I made showing off this great skin, obviously the post’s link is in the description.

    Keep it up, loved it!


    • ooooo thank you! ^^ i like it~~ but where’s the fishies in the taunt ? they should be there QoQ did i mess up again ?
      (gonna put this video in the gallery If you dont mind, gimme a message if you dissaprove)


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