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Neptunia V II


Neptunia VⅡ

Hello everyone and nep nep’s fans out there.It has been half a year since the last set of my Neptunia Skin:The Goddess
for half a year I was planned to finish my Transformers Prime Skins but it seem to be not successed but now the time has run out and now its time for Neptunia Skins again!

This time I has planned to make all Neptunia Skins including the Sister Generation and NEXT form and finished this project once and for all but I have not yet planned all skins yet so if you have any idea for any Neptunia girl that I have not yet made as a custom skin pls share your idea below in the comment and I will think if it might be an interesting idea to do or not
but for this is one of the skins I planned to make

Neptune The Next Purple as Kayle

This is the first skin I will prerelease so for now she only have model change but I will update her later with custom voices and more

>>>Download this skin here<<<
The Next Form Goddess is out



  1. This skin was glitched for me when I used it on 26 September, 2016. :/ Since about then though, so has another Kayle skin.
    Has RIOT changed anything about Kayle’s model recently? I didn’t think so.


      • Ah sorry, I copied my post for the other skin and then meant to remove what was unnecessary but removed more text than intended. 😛
        For me at least (and of course I’ll be continually trying to figure out what could have happened on my end, if anything), the problem is that the skin is now glitched to look like a complete mess (the skin’s skeleton is jumbled/tangled). This only seems to have happened to the other skin in the last couple of weeks or maybe up to a month, but probably the last two weeks.
        Actually my first experience of this glitch occurring on any Kayle skin was with this Neptunia skin and then it happened with the other, previously working skin (Mercy for Kayle, by The Wrecker, uploaded by Pentaking).


  2. NEXT Green Heart as Xin Zhao xD
    Dunno how to fit other maker charas in LoL, maybe MAGES. as LeBlanc? Cyberconnect2 as Katarina?

    By the way, I love your Nep skins! I DLed them all :3


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