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Runeterra Border

~Stay a while and listen!~

  • Custom Border

A border made to look similar to the in game HuD , The download will not include any backgrounds so it’s purely just the borders.
The Rank borders remains almost default so there wont be any custom rank icons or anything, Example of ranked border can be seen in the preview image above.



  1. Would it be possible for you to create borders like (Customized challenger borders/diamond/plat etc) 😡 if you are able to. Could you please make them? x<3 for non borders and borders?


      • Hm kinda reversed. Unranked borders + normal borders to Ranked borders ^^ wouuuld be so appreciated. Ops LOL didnt mean to make a grumpy/angry smiley in the previous message/question. Kind of just appeared when I wrote ( ; – signs or whatever ^^… Thanks a lot for your reply ❤


    • Wooxy – extract – and then you load it into your image editor of choise, Finally you save it as .DDS and you’re ready to import it into wooxy and enjoy your creation in game.

      For further details i’d suggest looking up the available tutorials in mapskin or drop by the discord server ^^ Good luck.


    • There’s a difficult ballance between compressing it all to one .wxy to save space and filling up wooxy with 10000000 mini .wxy files for one skin XD


      • Yeah, thats right… but would be fantastic if they could release the mapskins with and without loading screen background or upload the background as different .wxy file 😀


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