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Arcade Darius

For base skin 
Wow.. Brofresco played my Arcade Vel’Koz skin..
I hope you guys like the series as much as I do, I have a ton of fun creating arcade themed things!
This skin will definitly get updated!

Visit my Facebook page to message me!


• New Arcade-Like abilities
• Colorful Armor
• Space Invaders!

General Info:

  • Author: ggrengar
  • Release Date: 13.09.2016

Download and Install:

”0256?You can install this skin with Wooxy

Download Arcade Darius.
Drag the downloaded .wxy file into your skins database and click on install.



  1. damn useless video, 6min to show it off? Auto attacks twice , wastes 2min, uses Q, wastes another more 2 min. PLEASEEE! :^))


  2. Hey, nice skin!

    I made a video showing it off, I’ll leave it here for anyone interested! Obviously this post’s link is in the description.

    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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