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Mapskins Weekly #9


Welcome everyone to the 9th edition of Mapskins Weekly. This will cover the top skins for week 2 of September!


This is an important announcement for every member on mapskins. We are giving out a huge reward for everyone who makes a map skin that becomes extremely popular (Reddit front page for example). The reward will be 300% of the income received for the map skin in a month. Only map skins till the end aof 2016 are eligible for this prize. So if you want to win this prize, start making an epic Map Skin now. Remember that only stats will count for this reward (let’s say 100K views for example).

MuvLuv InducteeExistor Inductee  MrBrokoli Inductee GGRengar InducteeLittleCrew Inductee Yorû Inductee

The Hall of Fame has been created and can be found on the site under “About”. You can also simply click here to go directly to the page. Here the greatest creators and important people on Mapskins are shown. Check it out and leave a comment about what you think of it. There also is another Menu item for teams where you can find the pages made for the teams on mapskins. Currently there is only Team Royal Flush, but The Natoken Project will come as well as soon as the page is ready.



Top skins of the week: September Week 2


When a Contributor gets most popular post of the week, they earn a medal. 2 medals can be converted into eligibility for becoming an author. The contributor needs to have a good presentation of the post as well as correct tags and categories. Also the contributor needs to be active on discord showing good behaviour and great charisma.

Suicide Squad Joker Shaco By Pentaking

Most popular skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most views of the week on the skin. Winner earns a medal! (unless the maximum rank has been achieved or if it is a team project).


Warlord Zed By 

Fan Favorite skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most downloads of the week on the skin.


#3 High Noon Lucian By



  • High Noon Model
  • New Particles/Autos
  • Loading Screen Card

#2 Surgeon Ekko By  & MrBrokoli


  • Modified model for Ekko
  • Modified splash arts and in-game icons

#1 Beast Slayer Udyr By 


  • This skin is for Base skin
  • New models
  • New textures
  • A few new particles
  • No dance animation (I had some problem. In future author will try to fix it😉 )


Top quality skin of the week is decided according to the opinions of other creators which then is decided by the amount of time spent on a skin as well as the overall precision & smoothness of the skin for as well as the model as for the textures. Reward for top quality skin of the week guarantees a spot at the wooxy application homepage that is linked to the Top Skins page.


Honorable Mentions:

Mega Charizard X Galio By  & MrBrokoli




We gain a lot of new members every week who either step right into creating posts, or they wait to make their mark. In this section we will welcome these new members and show who you should keep your eyes on. Also we will discuss impressive new members who have risen faster than ever.


Hasn’t made a post yet, but looking forward to it. good luck and welcome 🙂


Already made a HUD. Good post and good luck with future posts. Welcome 🙂

Welcome to Mapskins everyone! Hopefully some of the new members can give some insight on their names in the comment section! I won’t bite, I promise! I’m just a support main in bot lane trying to make some extra gold in ways other than earning assists, so the most I would do to you is make a nasty gust of wind assault you like in the ecchi animes. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable posting in the comment section, maybe you can find me on the Mapskins Discord! …Or just carry on with your lives completely!


New Authors & Legends:

I just got an idea, and its amazing.
( ) ( )
(* .*)
The longer we don’t get a new Author or Legend, the bigger my rabbits will get.
Don’t be upset that I’m going to make them fatter.
Be happy for them! This means they’re eating more of the carrots they love!
….Does anyone else feel like this week’s rabbit gained some weight from their paid leave?




So we don’t have any teasers this week either, but we here at Mapskins know just how much some people out there love being teased. So, as people probably saw in the last weekly, we went and got some stripteasers! I just thought I’d show everyone here that gifs are not beyond us. Enjoy!






In this (somewhat new?) section of the weekly, 𝓓𝓔𝓐𝓓𝓛𝓨 𝓛𝓞𝓣𝓤𝓢 (Also known as Lexi, the one whom writes these weeklies..) will be interviewing a skin creator of Mapskins each week, asking them different questions. Sometimes the questions will be the same as other’s, sometimes there will be questions asked only to those specific creators because I like spicing things up if I can.

Interview with Damonix

So, Damonix, how are you doing today?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
I’m good, although distracted as always, how about you ?

Eh, I’m workin’ it.

Cursed Revenant Damonix
That’s great.^^

So if I may ask, how did you come to Mapskins? What brought you here?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Oh gee, well, what brought me to Mapskins was that I really, Reeeaally did not like LeagueCraft. So I stopped using it, but I still wanted to work with LoL mods and have somewhere to dump it all so others could have a chance to maybe use them if they wanted. I did hear about Yurixy’s work while still in Leagucraft I do believe. but figured it was a private creator so didn’t really look into it much. After a few months of being innactive I started searching around the web for alternatives and I stumbled upon Mapskins, the whole WordPress ordeal scared me a little though as I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
So basically, you could say what brought me to Mapskins was Leaguecraft’s horrible services.

Hah! I was the same way, actually. I was scared about the whole WordPress situation because I had no idea either.

So would you like to offer some examples of Leaguecraft’s terrible services that drove you away?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Well first of all, I dunno if it was just me. You couldn’t remove an image once it was uploaded on a post. Only replace. And even then it didn’t work half of the time as it’d just error the hell out of everything. Additionally there’s no support to ask for questions about issues, there’s no moderators to stop spammers/scammers. Felt like an abandoned castle taken over by some hobos with common interest. Me included.

So with that in mind, how did Mapskins feel to you?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Eventually I couldn’t even log in to my account so it was just like “meh whateves”.
In the beginning. overwhelming. very personal and selective. But once you take the step over that threshold and see what Mapskins community is like it’s not so bad, it’s accepting and welcoming and full of people whom actually wanna help. So it was a biiiig change to what I was used to in LeagueCraft where it was basically the opposite.

So what was Mapskins like for you back in the day when you joined?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Oh, I didn’t dare to say anything in any chats and mainly started working on how to present my skins with the WordPress. It took some time to get used to , but was fun. Love working with graphics, afterall. Mapskins was smaller than it is now and not as full of creative, active, contributing people.

D’aw! Thats good to hear!

So how did you come to realize that you wanted to make custom skins?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Well, after playing so many matches with your favorite character and being flat broke, you really start to wonder if there isnt a way to … you know, spice your champion up ? For me that champion was soraka, old one before the changes …. But yeah! So while googling Soraka arts and whatnot I stumbled upon lot of Fanart of possible skins, and they led me to some custom skins. Eventually I found my way around to league craft and there begun my adventures to learn how to edit Champion textures without anything but Photoshop.
But unlike Mapskins, there was no tutorials (unless they were hidden in the forum in some dark dank corner ).

Ah, the dank corner hidden in the darkness cast by people’s hearts.

Don’t go there.

You’re quite impressive with the program, too, from what I’ve seen through your help with some creators’ posts as well as Team Royal Flush’s posts.. Did your skill grow from using Photoshop with the skins, or were you always as good with the program as you are today?
Also, how long were you at Leaguecraft before moving to Mapskins?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Heh, thanks. But no I had been using Photoshop long before using the skins in an attempt to draw, even had a cheap tablet for a while so I could draw freehand, many years of toying around with what Photoshop could do and just spending time using it. I learned most of the basic in and out of Photoshop, always learning more as I go though.

As for how long I stayed with Leaguecraft….hmm, I honestly don’t know, I’d guess somewhere around half a year ? Maybe less, not sure haha….sorry. But I know there was a long break in-between quitting Leaguecraft and joining Mapskins.

Oh really? So how long was this break?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Oh I think somewhere around 2 years tbh, man I’m really bad with dates….numbers in general, I do know I joined Mapskins on first of April…I was really worried it’d backfire on me, my post being considered some sort of first April prank haha.

That one author who makes a post, making it look like they made a custom skin but really its just a blog.
For April Fools
P l e a s e.
Also, its math. Most human beings have a hard time with math, and dates has something to do with numbers which is in math.
If you’re great with math and think its easy you’re just a walking number posing to be a human, seeking acceptance for whom you truly are.

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Hey back then I wasn’t an author ! Just a Contributor haha.
Checked it up, my latest skin on Leaguecraft was 1 year and 6 months ago

Ah, so not quite 2 years.

Cursed Revenant Damonix
almost ! …. TWT

When you joined, who was there to help you out? Was it the famous parental figure of Mapskins, Pentaking?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Yep…. XD He asked me if I would be interested in becoming an author.

So he asked you that soon after you made your first post, or, after you joined as a Contributor?

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Well it took maybe a week or less, I was posting my older works from Leaguecraft one after another for each day to spread them out and Pentaking approached me about my works asking if I was the creator from Leaguecraft as he had seen them before, especially Forest Guardian Janna. I think it was after I released Forest Guardian Aram that it really exploded.

Speaking of your works, I’d like to know which of your own custom skins is your own personal favorite.

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Forest Guardian Janna and Runecraft Soraka, the Janna one was a breakthrough in my learning on how to edit skin textures, and even particle effects for that matter ! And the Soraka one cause it’s…Soraka! My bae.

Ahahaha! Although you’ve told me before, I feel like the audience might want to know what your inspiration was for the Forest Guardian skin series. Would you care to share? It’d show you care for the audience~ 😛

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Certainly~~ ! Elfs. Magic, and a hella lot of nature ! Love those thematics, mind you I started with Forest Gaurdian before any of the Elderwood skins came out otherwise I’d probably have called it Elderwood! =P The idea of a magic forest and its inhabitants and how the champions would maybe look like if they were part of that forest. Not always the most lore friendly but not all skins are.

Banana Soraka –> “Lore Friendly” 😛

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Hehe~~ exactly.

Alright, I believe that’s all for this interview. Is there anything else you’d like to say? Maybe any hints on your works in progress? Totally your choice if you have anything to say or not.

Cursed Revenant Damonix
…….. “FOR SHURIMA !”
I think thats the quote anyway…

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Thank you for giving Mapskins Weekly your time, Damonix. It was great having you in the interview today.

Cursed Revenant Damonix
Thanks for having me! Keep up the good work ~~! Loving Mapskins Weekly!


My name is Lexianna, and this was all for Mapskins Weekly #9. We hope to see you next time!




    • I think it’s more a placeholder from the lack of Teasers of upcoming stuff, teaser, striptease ? At least thats my guess.


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