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Doge Ward – such vision, much wards


Don’t you just hate when your bronze 6 teammates never ward? Well with this ward skin they will ward even less on how doge it is. Enjy ur rankds!


Ftures 4 ward sknz:

  • such ward
  • givs 101% vision instd of 100%
  • *insert smth bullshit in here*

info no one cares about:

  • Athor: Doge
  • Size: get out, its not 15gb or so to care abut dis
  • Relese Deit: never forgetti 9/11

How to install dis awsum hak for leagu 100% legut:

0256You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Dunwload Doge Ward version- Doge (by Doge)
2. In Wookey, click “Skinz” > “Imprt skinz” > “Add packaging to ebay” and select the duwnloaded wxey file.
3. Your skin is now imprted in Wooky, hav memes hackerng on 4channel.



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