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Surgeon Ekko

Surgeon Ekko

Another Surgeon skin following up the Surgeon skin concept
>>>Download this skin here<<<
General info
*MrBrokoli-concept,particles and splash art
*MuvLuv   -modeling and texturing
Size:996 KB
Release Date:/9/2016
This skin features
*Modified model for Ekko
*Modified splash arts and ingame icons
preview pic

and here is the spotlight >



  1. Hey Muv, me again i might have another idea if you are intrested. You could make Diana Yuno Gasai, with as weapon an axe and her Q to be a knife or something, but you could also try to make Yuno Gasai as Katarina since kata has the small knives.
    Or as akali since akali has an axe look a like weapon she could have an ask and a knife^^ idk but i think Kata or Diana with this skin would make alot of mirai nikki fans happy^^


      • Dude thats the sickest idea ever. I main riven and i like yasuo alot if MuvLuv wants to make either one of these skins… Holy i would be happy as heck. Guess Yasuo would look great since i have no idea how riven particles should look like haha


  2. Hey MuvLuv, i was wondering if you could make a Gazai Yuno skin for: Diana

    Diana’s Q could be something like a with curve thrown axe, her W could be like small hearts surrounding her. Dianas R fits aswell.
    Idk if the ideas intrest you but let me know^^
    Have a nice day


  3. Hey, congratulations on the great work!

    I made a video showing off everything this amazing skin has to offer, I’ll leave it here for anyone interested! Obviously the link to this post is in the description!

    Keep up the amazing work! Loved it


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