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Mapskins Weekly #8


Welcome everyone to the 8th edition of Mapskins Weekly. This will cover the top skins for week 1 of September!

Hall of Fame

MuvLuv InducteeExistor Inductee  MrBrokoli Inductee GGRengar InducteeLittleCrew Inductee Yorû Inductee

The Hall of Fame has been created and can be found on the site under “About”. You can also simply click here to go directly to the page. Here the greatest creators and important people on mapskins are shown. Check it out and leave a comment about what you think of it. There also is another Menu item for teams where you can find the pages made for the teams on mapskins. Currently there is only Team Royal Flush, but The Natoken Project will come as well as soon as the page is ready.


Top skins of the week: September Week 1


When a Contributor gets most popular post of the week, they earn a medal. 2 medals can be converted into eligibility for becoming an author. The contributor needs to have a good presentation of the post as well as correct tags and categories. Also the contributor needs to be active on discord showing good behaviour and great charisma.

Harley Jinx By Team Royal Flush

Most popular skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most views of the week on the skin. Winner earns a medal! (unless the maximum rank has been achieved or if it is a team project).


Freljord Riven By 

Fan Favorite skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most downloads of the week on the skin.


#3 Bloodmoon Jhin By Sislex


  • Amazing Retexture
  • Custom skin (for classic Jhin)
  • Custom particles
  • Custom loading art

#2 Soulstealer Leblanc By


  • New model
  • New Particles
  • New splash art
  • Great theme

#1 Heartseeker Sivir By Sislex


  • Custom skin (for classic Sivir & Victorious Sivir)
  • Custom particles
  • Custom loading art
  • Amazing job! Two high quality posts in one week is very impressive! Well, it is to me anyways..

Top quality skin of the week is decided according to the opinions of other creators which then is decided by the amount of time spent on a skin as well as the overall precision & smoothness of the skin for as well as the model as for the textures. Reward for top quality skin of the week guarantees a spot at the wooxy application homepage that is linked to the Top Skins page.


Honorable Mentions:

Lucario Xin Zhao By 

Grave Wraith Zillean By 



We gain a lot of new members every week who either step right into creating posts, or they wait to make their mark. In this section we will welcome these new members and show who you should keep your eyes on. Also we will discuss impressive new members who have risen faster than ever.

Matthew Rigaud

Matthew creates posts for old stuff from what I can tell, so if you’re into some of the old stuff of League, then maybe you should check out some of his posts!

So you’re the leader of those nasty kangaroos who beat up all the human wrestlers…. you wouldnt order them against me if I accidentally offend you, right..? In any case, congratulations on your post being noticed by Yurixy Senpai!

Hah, I bet you thought the lines were here this time for a reason like in other posts. Nope! \(^•^)/

Welcome to Mapskins everyone! Hopefully some of the new members can give some insight on their names in the comment section! I won’t bite, I promise! I’m just a support main in bot lane trying to make some extra gold in ways other than earning assists, so the most I would do to you is make a nasty gust of wind assault you like in the ecchi animes. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable posting in the comment section, maybe you can find me on the Mapskins Discord! …Or just carry on with your lives completely!


New Authors & Legends:

(The rabbit for this section is on leave as well. Seriously, where are all my rabbits going..?)

As shown above, we got new legends on mapskins. you can get more information about them by clicking on the Hall of Fame Page. There can be new Authors every month, but we will cover all of that in mapskins weekly.





Testigos De Teemo

Jeremy Gaming Curios (Arctic Ops Jhin by War)


Interview with Chewy

Just like last week, PentaKing sat down with Chewy for an interview with him about the creation of mapskins and you can find the interview over here.

Welcome Chewy to this interview. Happy to have you here
how is your day going
Hello Kikib, my day is going well, I improved the textures conversion speed for the map editor and I played a game with Crauzer and 3 players who were sleeping at botlane all game long. How is yours?
sounds awesome. 3 players bot? nice haha. I am doing fine as well
So as you know I had an interview with yurixy and I would like to have a similar interview with you
First I would like to know, how did you come to
One day, I saw that it was possible to play my LoL games on a Winter version of Summoner’s Rift called “Snow Rift”. So I installed it and my experience was renewed! I decided to try other skins like “Noir Rift” and “Magma Rift” with a friend, and it became something I couldn’t play without! I even tried to bring back the original Riot Winter Rift textures after spending hours to find the old files. When patch 3.11 came out, I saw that Yurixy had problems with his/her/it skins, so since I was curious, I decided to find out the cause of the blue ugly textures. After many tests, a Sunday, I managed to find that textures had to be saved in the same DXT format (so the size is the same as the original ones) to work. I gave my solution to Yurixy and decided to fix all of his/her/it maps. After some days, I’d say a week, Yurixy asked me if I would like to join YurixyWorks to publish skins like Yurixy, and I couldn’t deny, and I’m here!(edited)
nice, you started as a fan of custom skins as well then 😃
after you joined yurixyworks, the idea to create wooxy came up, how did that go from your point of view
also, you created an application which you could install the season 5 PBE SR with. was this before or after the idea of wooxy?
When I joined YurixyWorks, my only intention was to make map skins, map skins and map skins! I was obsessed by the Riot maps, you know the Harrowing/Winter ones, so I tried my best to imitate the style by creating “Winter Rift” (which used textures from the Riot Winter map), “Magic Rift” to imitate the old Twisted Treeline and also “Autumn Rift” and “Harrowing Rift”, both were recolors of the Summoner’s Rift. It was good, but not as good as Riot maps, so I decided to go further, and find out how to install the original models. It was possible but it required adding new files to the game (and not only modifying existing ones). Even though I found a workaround, it wasn’t practical, so I decided to understand how the game was reading its files.
When I saw the new Summoner’s Rift on PBE, I had the idea to create that little app that allowed to install the new map on the LIVE servers since SIU couldn’t do it. The app was badly coded, not optimized and not safe. So at the same time, Yurixy and I decided to create a brand new skin installer that would use all the discoveries I had made. LGG helped me a lot on understanding how the manifest was working, so I was basically able to create my own skin installer. During holidays, in summer, I was thinking of a safe way to install skins, that’s how the WXY file came on my mind. And that’s it!
ah nice
how was the name Wooxy created?
and what were the other options for that name that you had in mind
I’ve always been bad, but like, really really bad at finding names for things, so I asked Yurixy 😄 At first, Wooxy was supposed to be developed by both Yurixy and me. Yurixy would do the design part, and I would the coding part. So the idea was to find something which had a link between us. So, why not combining our names? Chewixy? Doesn’t sound good. But wait, Chewy is a Wookie, so Wookie + Yurixy = Wooxy. Yeah!
haha simple but catchy
also a bird hinted me something to ask you
what is GeT
and What is Oink
GeT was a application made by Yurixy which was available in 2013 on our site. The objective was basically to link SIU and our site by making available all our skins on one single page. So from the GeT page, we were actually able to download all our map skins. Unfortunately, we had to find another way to download skins because GeT was using Dropbox to host skins, and Dropbox doesn’t allow an unlimited number of downloads.
Oink is something funny. As funny as Yep. And as funny as Moon.
I see haha. nice to know
so after wooxy was created, was launched as well
how did you like the idea to recruit more members to the site
After Wooxy launch, I had to focus on it, and Yurixy too. It was something big you know, the biggest project we made. So we didn’t have time to make skins anymore, and a skins site without skins isn’t a skins site! So we had the idea to invite more people. That’s how I met you, DeathTeaser, Existor, Nyoko, and YoloHagrid.(edited)
It was quite a small team, we kept the same people for some months until we decided to open our doors to more people to become the site that you know now 😃
yeah, and then you joined Natoken. how did that go
When I saw that a little group of people wanted to create quality skins, including map skins, I decided to help them. I always loved challenges, and instead of doing the same skin using the same technique over and over, I decided to create new technologies in Wooxy with the help of Crauzer and other Natoken members that would allow us to make advanced skins. I was dreaming of adding new models to the Summoner’s Rift, and thanks to Natoken, I did it. I think I would never have the motivation to create new tools for Wooxy if this group wasn’t existing.
we have seen the level wooxy has reached and the help that crauzer has provided. It’s nice to see how wooxy is evolving every day
how do you think wooxy and mapskins will look like in a year from now
how far do you expect it to have evolved
I see a brand new Wooxy that would allow to install skins in the game without having to import them everytime. This feature would help a lot mod makers. As for MapSkins, I see more and more talented people coming to do more skins, and my dream is that we get more maps!
Lets hope for that to happen haha
Do you have anything in mind that you think the viewers would be interested in knowing as well which we didn’t discuss?
Nothing personal but we’ve been working on something big, the Bilgewater Rift and we hope to release it soon. I want to inform everybody reading this, it’s the biggest map skin we ever made in terms of modifications. I’ll to try to provide information about it next days.
Yes a teaser for it is shown on the Wooxy Homepage at the time of this interview
Chewy, Thanks for sitting down with me for this. We definitely came to learn more about mapskins through this
This was all
Thanks to you kikib 😃


My name is Lexianna, and this was all for Mapskins Weekly #8. We hope to see you next time!




  1. I missed the voice over videos! im glad theyre back, really brings the whole thing to life, Other than that! Good job to everyone involved and congratulations to everyone featured, Keep up the good work!

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