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Arcade Vel’Koz

For base skin

(If you have problems with flashy pictures I highly recommend you NOT to use this skin)
(PS: If you want to give your best in ranked and take your rank very serious, I would recommend you not to use this skin in ranked)


(Thanks to PentaKing for this Skin preview!)

Hey guys! Back again with another skin! I’ve had this idea for a loooong time now (almost from the beginning of my work) and now I’ve been able to fulfill it! =D
I hope you guys like it just as much as I do! (I personally like the passive the most =3)

It Is supposed to look pixel-ish and thick and kinda flashy, that’s why it’s called Arcade!
Also I know about the missing sounds from the other skins. At the moment I don’t plan to fix it, I probably will in the future. (I won’t answer any more questions about the sound bug)


• New HUD elements
• Loading screen change
• Game client changes for Vel’Koz
• New colorful model textures
• Cool Pixel-ish abilities
•Cute pixel art passive

General Info:

Author: ggrengar
Release Date: 04.09.2016

Visit my Facebook page to message me!
Visit my YouTube channel if you want to see my skin previews.

Download and Install:

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy

1. Download Arclight Vel’Koz.
2. To install the skin, drag the .wxy file into Wooxy and click on “install”.
If the red bar at the bottom screen turns green, the skin has successfully been installed.



  1. Could it be that the Model is buggy right now because the particles are there but vel koz plays stick. Would be nice if you could fix it ^-^ or say me how to fix it xD.


  2. this instead of aracde is rainbow and I do not like, velkoz is my favorite character and I want a good skin for , now I have water velkoz and not bad . If you want mekorar the skin and make a new version that I hope, I recomiedo this name, Vel’Koz Chief Immortal , you could put them blue, red and white colors , effects such as Q can be like a shot Megaman X robot a game. The skin can be style veigar final boss . I ask you please to do so , I would be very grateful.


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