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Mapskins Weekly #7


Welcome everyone to the 7th edition of Mapskins Weekly. This will cover the top skins for week 4 of August as well as an interview with Yurixy about the creation of mapskins!


It’s almost September, which means that we are announcing a new rank for the mapskins members. The legends! These are the top 20-25% authors who are decided based on the stats for popularity. They keep this role as long as they stay popular and active on mapskins. you can think of the Challenger system on league for this.

Since we gained a lot of new Authors, a 6th spot has opened for a Legend. This is why there are 6 legends instead of 5. The Legends have been decided and here are the first Legends:

1. MuvLuv
2. Existor
3. MrBrokoli
4. GGRengar
5. LittleCrew
6. Yoru

Congratulations to the 6 of you. And Welcome to the Hall of Fame (Page will be live soon).


Top skins of the week: August Week 4


When a Contributor gets most popular post of the week, they earn a medal. 2 medals can be converted into eligibility for becoming an author. The contributor needs to have a good presentation of the post as well as correct tags and categories. Also the contributor needs to be active on discord showing good behaviour and great charisma.

TRF Bundle By Team Royal Flush

Most popular skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most views of the week on the skin. Winner earns a medal! (unless the maximum rank has been achieved or if it is a team project).


Arcade Vayne By Savageprey

vayne wooxy.png

Fan Favorite skin of the week is decided according to the stats of most downloads of the week on the skin.


#3 Bunny Girl Irelia By Carnelianwrath


  • This skin is for base skin
  • Model with new elements
  • New texture
  • A few new particles for abilities

#2 Gentlemen Twisted Fate By 


  • Base Model Recolor
  • New Particles
  • Ability Icons Remade/Recolored

#1 Project Miss Fortune By 


  • New Model
  • New Particles
  • New Animations
  • Hair color connected to W passive.

Top quality skin of the week is decided according to the opinions of other creators which then is decided by the amount of time spent on a skin as well as the overall precision & smoothness of the skin for as well as the model as for the textures. Reward for top quality skin of the week guarantees a spot at the wooxy application homepage that is linked to the Top Skins page.


Honorable Mentions:

Darkflame Kindred By 



We gain a lot of new members every week who either step right into creating posts, or they wait to make their mark. In this section we will welcome these new members and show who you should keep your eyes on. Also we will discuss impressive new members who have risen faster than ever.


Welcome to mapskins. Novy has already created a skin since joining named Crystal Sivir which are 2 recolors for the snowstorm sivir skin. You can check the post out here:


Welcome to Mapskins everyone! Hopefully some of the new members can give some insight on their names in the comment section! I won’t bite, I promise! I’m just a support main in bot lane trying to make some extra gold in ways other than earning assists, so the most I would do to you is make a nasty gust of wind assault you like in the ecchi animes. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable posting in the comment section, maybe you can find me on the Mapskins Discord! …Or just carry on with your lives completely!


New Authors:


Finn has created 2 posts so far on mapskins that became pretty popular. He recenty got promoted to Author. Congratulations and good luck.



This link appeared on the Wooxy Home Page. When you click on it, it leads to a post with just this video:




Shaclone Old SR


J1VHD Project: Miss Fortune


Interview with Yurixy about the creation of mapskins

PentaKing sat down with Yurixy, founder of, to ask a few questions of how the site was created. Here is the interview. You can read through it if you are interested in knowing how became Mapskins as we know it today.

So Yurixy, welcome to this Mapskins interview. Happy to have you here!
Thanks! I’m happy to be here today!
First off, I would like to ask, how was the name “Yurixy” formed?
Chewy was formed from his love for Star Wars, PentaKing was formed because of games he played as Master Yi, but nobody knows yet how your name was formed.
That’s a secret… I’m truly sorry.
That’s fine, to go on with this, you named the site before it was renamed to, “”.
What was the inspiration for the site and what could we have expected to find there if we were in 2010 right now?
I used to create custom skins for Heroes of Newerth, I was the first person to create a map skin for HoN. HoN was a moba back in the days very similar to Dota 2. I don’t know if it still exists.
You could find custom skins for HoN, and wallpapers.
I loved to do wallpapers.
I left HoN after they ip blocked by regions. It was global before then.
Then I started creating custom skins for League.
Around which month/year was this switch if you can remember?
I don’t remember, I think it was around 2010/2011.
Okay, and during the making of these custom skins, you met Chewy. Could you tell us how this went?
That was much later in 2013… I started making really simple and ugly custom skins for LoL, like Pink Lux, it was like poor recolors.

(If you are interested in seeing these skins, you can click here to check it out.)

Since I liked to create Caldavar of Mana, the map skin name of HoN, I investigated and saw someone created a metal rift for League. I liked the idea, and I started trying to make my own map skins in League.
After some map skins, I had a problem with 3.11 League version, all my maps stopped working… That’s when Chewy appeared out of nowhere and saved me by fixing the maps for the 3.11 version! 🙂
Back then the skins were still installed using the SIU software I suppose.
Then the great idea to create the revolutionary application, “Wooxy”, came up.
This was during the beginning of season 5, I believe.
How did this go?
Yeah, Chewy had this great idea to create a program to install skins. It was very hard at the beginning and we passed through several challenges to make it work. I believe we wouldn’t be able to do it without LGG contribution…
Yes, and the credits to LGG are still given on the current wooxy 😀
The first project that could be installed through wooxy back in the alpha stage was the PBE New Summoner’s rift I believe.
No, that was actually an entirely different app made by Chewy.
Oh, thats interesting, didnt know that yet!
But being able to play PBE Rift on live servers back then is around the time Yurixyworks became really famous.
When was the idea and how was it formed to change the name to
I was thinking the name Yurixyworks sounded like Disney… Disney is from the master Walt Disney, but in the reality, is made by lots of people… I was wondering if the growing team could accept the same idea, but I thought it was kind of unfair to the other authors. This led me to change the name of the website… Since the site was famous because of map skins, I changed it to this name and at the same time abandoned my wallpapers production.
..And during the name change, the new host became WordPress as well, right?
No… The site was Joomla only until 2012, WordPress appeared I believe in late 2012 or early 2013, I don’t really remember now..
and Chewy appeared after I switched to wordpress.
Alright… Once was launched, you started recruiting members to the site.. What was the idea for this and how many members did you have in mind back then?
Who was the first member to join, was it Existor? How did he come to the site?
It was only Chewy and me back then… I believe I liked the idea of having a bigger team/family, like Disney as well. Disney was my inspiration for a lot of things back in the days… Working together with more people is really great.
It truly is 😀
Existor was actually really interesting… I believe we found him through Reddit and then on Skype. He created a map called Ice Rift
Ah, and so he agreed on working together in a team.
Working with Existor was challenging and intriguing at the same time. We had a rough start, but we grew and matured a lot as people during that time. He was always an excellent partner and friend of us, and I have a lot of respect for him. We used to call him by the nickname “Terminator”, because he is quiet and reserved, but with ultimate quality works!
Haha nice reference 😀
I am guessing that it was the 3 of you in a Skype group chat back then, which later became the legendary Mapskins Brigade.
After recruiting more members, with the likes of PentaKing & YoloHagrid, the Skype group became bigger,
and then the option to submit skins on Mapskins without actually being part of the team or anything came.
How did that idea come to mind, and why was this idea after a while from first recruiting new members
Well we wanted to get bigger, with more people. Later, Discord contributed a lot to that. Skype was starting to get difficult to use to meet new members.
Yes, with Discord everyone can be a good part of the team.
Thats how Mapskins went from a small group of maybe 10 people to a whole server with over 1000 registered members and counting!
To finish this interview, I got 2 more questions.
1. How do you like the direction that Mapskins went and is still going?
2. Will we some day see more skins from the almighty Yurixy Senpai 😀
I really like the direction we are going, we passed through many challenges and difficulties to reach where we are now. Back in 2010/2011 with the Joomla site, I remember having only like 10~20 visitors per day, but the site was much easier to customize… With, all we could do is change the css, nothing of html, php or plugins.
It’s nice to see how we could break barriers aside from the limitations of the platform.
About your second question, who knows? I could be making one right now… Or not! 😀
This was all, thank you for this interview.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think of this interview and if you have more questions. Also let us know if you would like to see an interview with Chewy to hear his side to story of the creation of mapskins.


My name is Lexianna, and this was all for Mapskins Weekly #7. We hope to see you next time!



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