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HUD Icons for custom skins (August pack)


Hey League of Legends community. As you know, some time ago I released pack of modified HUD icons for some official RIOT skins, mostly those that completely change appearance and color theme of champion so HUD icons become out of theme (i.e. Pink zac with green icons). In most cases it is just recolor, but sometimes there is edited artwork to reflect skin theme.

You may notice that some of these icon packs don’t use official splash of certain skin, instead there is modified base-skin portrait. That was done only for one reason – clarity and recognition of champion portraits in game, especially on the minimap. In rare cases it is better to use skin splash (like Battlecast Skarner) since he uses completely different “face”, but in most cases I try to keep original silhouette. For Zac most icons are just recolors… same as his skins, but now your loading screen card will also be varied depending on what icons were installed (i.e. with Bubblegum Icons you will have pink loading screen card). For Special Weapon Zac there are also slightly altered icons to reflect his skin.

Keep in mind that after installing these icons, everyone who plays that champion will have same HUD icons (minimap and scoreboard portrait) on your PC. Icons will not be changed if you selected other skin.

All images are clickable. Click on any of these below to download icon pack for each skin.

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June icon pack:

  • Dark Star Thresh
  • Final Boss Veigar
  • Eternum Rek’Sai
  • Pool Party Rek’Sai
  • Pool party Zac
  • Blade Queen Lissandra
  • Bloodstone Lissandra

To download June icons, please visit previous article.



  1. Absolutely love these! I’d really be interested to see your take on hextech annie and soulstealer vayne custom icons maybe in the future? 😉


    • and Ironman Blitz HUD Icons (red chroma) , Super Galaxy Rumble HUD icons and Snow Day Bard or Ivy Chroma Bard HUD Icons?


    • great idea! Just updated all three zac icon-packs (Honey, Bubblegum and Orange) with recolored loading screen cards.

      Regarding other skins – I will make for some legendary skins (or skins with different color theme) from time to time, probably every month.

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