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PROJECT: Miss fortune


No fancy teasers/previews, just a skin 🙂

Special thanks to Little Crew for helping me with final touch-ups for the skin.


  • New Model
  • New Particles



passivemovspeed passiveshot  passivemarkba q w e r


General Info:

  • Author: ZiGiZaG
  • Size: 4.08 MB
  • Release Date: 20th August 2016

Download and Install:

0256You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Download Project Miss Fortune or Project Miss Fortune (NO YELLOW HAIR).
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded .wxy file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



  1. Hello, I have an issue with the skin. The sound the passive makes is really distracting and obnoxious, is there any way to remove the sound file for it? I really dislike the constant wind noise.
    Otherwise, my favorite skin by far, out of custom ones as well as riot made ones. Thank you.


  2. This skin is SO GOOD
    It’s basically Riot quality!
    Btw, there’s a bug with the model. When PROJECT: Miss Fortune moves, you can see her forehead through the mask. You should fix that.

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  3. Great skin,I love it 😀 Just curious, project Lucian AA sound different then his base, is there anyway u could do that for MF? Not complaining, since ur pretty much doing this for free lol, but I was just curious, if its not too much work or something 😀


  4. I can’t add your skin , i press on import on .wxy and don’t work. i have this problem with all the skins


    • Add package, or simply drag and drop the .wxy file to your skin collection. If you get “invalid .wxy file” update your Wooxy to latest version.


  5. I really love this skin, only minor things I would say is to 1. Make her hair white, all PROJECT Skins have white hair, and 2. Look into making her hair slightly less high, it looks kinda unnatural right now.


    • Why? Why does no one like it, whats wrong with yellow??? I worked so hard to make it 😦

      Just kidding, i added a link for the version without yellow hair for all you haters out there xD

      As for the hair being “high”, it probably looks like that because i didnt know how to make it a hair, it actually moves with her head 😀 Thats one of things that would need an update.


  6. Hey, congratulation on this great work!

    I made a video showing off everything this amazing skin has to offer, obviously the link to this post is in the description. I’ll leave it here for anyone interested!

    Keep up the amazing work!


  7. ZiGiZaG , Hi your Skin it’s very nice , exept the hairs coulds you put the classic hairs , for this skin please it will be Nice From Chris , the best girl who main Miss Fortune


    • You’re asking if i could remove the yellow hair from her passive, and keep it gray/white? Also, not sure if you are the person commenting below, but what do you mean with “could you tell me witch site logiciel you using for make custom” ?


        • Umm sorry, i still dont understand 😀 What do you mean by “classic hairs style”? And “how you create your own custom skin”?
          Also, i cant just change the sounds to project lucian. Hopefully we will get the feature of making custom sounds soon.


          • Ok , you didnt understand , you see the hairs she have in project change it . and put back the nromal hairs that’s miss fortune have, when you plya miss fortune you see here hairs is the normal hairs. change ithe project hair , and put back miss fortune normal hairs . if you dont understand go to custom and play miss fortune with out custom skin and look at here hair i want this , hairstyle , coz the hairstyle you put on the project is so ugly


        • Oh, i understand now. Unfortunatly changing the hair is not just a copy – paste. I would basically have to do half of the skins again from zero. Sorry


  8. Amazing work mate! pls would you make us a Nunu skin pls?? I would really love a badass black Ice themed Nunu, kinda like Game of thrones white walker undead black ice spitting nunu with dark particles

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  9. Great job, really like it.

    Haircut should be not so flat color I think? Add at least something so it’s not so bland yellow?

    Agree with everyone here on particle sounds, but particles themself are great. AA-shots maybe should be little bot brigher? Also I think her passive on W should be a little bit more bright.

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    • Thank you 🙂 I actually made this almost 2 months ago so i guess i didnt have much of an idea of what i was doing, it was more a learning experience for me. I didnt want to change it a lot cause i was afraid i might break something. Nothing much i could do about sounds, even changing them to arcade doesnt seem very fitting.

      I guess ill probably update the skin at some point so ill definetly keep in my mind all suggestions ^^


      • update here hairs please is the only thing who is not nice , but the rest is very nice , could you tell me witch site logiciel you using for make custom skin please


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