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Wooxy Plus


Wooxy Plus

  • Wooxy Plus is a program made by Crauzer.
  • Wooxy Plus serves as an extension to Wooxy.
  • Wooxy Plus contains tools which aren’t in Wooxy or will be included in a future version of Wooxy.


  • RGBA to XRGBA and vice versa Converter – Converts RGBA value to XRGBA (Used by LoL).
  • SKN Converter – Converts new SKN format after Yasuo to an older format.
  • Hash Strings converter – Converts Strings to either Inibin or Bin hashes used in Wooxy BIN Editor.
  • Templates – Templates for adding different things in BIN and Inibin.


  • Windows Vista or higher, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.


Download from Google Drive

Changle Log:

Version (18 August 2016)

  • Release of Wooxy Plus




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