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Neon Strike Vayne teaser

Hey there! I’m usually not too big on teasers despite the fact that I focus on best possible quality (for me) skins and like to work on individual skins for a long time until I’m satisfied, but – because I’ve been working on this particular skin for such a long time and because I kind of felt like it, I decided to post a little pre-release sneak peek at my current project. I hope you like it!

Concept mainly based off Nips’ amazing Neon Strike Vayne artwork (link). She also gave me permission to use her picture as a concept art, so huge thanks for that.

-Her facebook page-

Also: if you enjoy my work – do consider subscribing to my youtube channel at You get to stay updated when I release stuff, I get more drive to spend even more time on creating content, we all live happy ever after! And no, I’m not dead, the rare uploads are because I actually spend a lot of time on most of my skins so the quantity suffers for quality – so at least no one has to worry about spam. 😛



  1. stop it with these stupid teasers and get to post the fking skin like unlike this idiot that made an awsome skin but still didnt release it ffs.
    PS: I got something huge in my butt which is why I sound so angry.


    • This is the first teaser I posted. I actually generally agree with your opinion. Like I explained I also mostly dislike teasers greatly. I decided to post this one because I havent shown activity on my youtube channel or mapskins in months and wanted to give some updates on that I’m working on something at the moment. Also when it comes to effort there are great differences in some skins compared to others and a teaser for a skin like this definitely wouldn’t be overkill.
      By the way you don’t have to be hostile about everything in comments, and the skin is not finished, otherwise I’d obviously release it.


  2. I do not know how hard it is too make these skins but i had an idea and i was wondering if you could do Astro Amumu


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