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PROJECT: Kassadin (Pre-Release)

Hey everyone its Atrix (Formerly Penta Q), and this is the current project I’ve been working on. I’ve released this early to get some feedback and make some improvements. This skin has minor glitches like the Facial Pipes being glitched. This is an UNFINISHED SKIN.

In the spotlights i’m using Harbinger Kassadin (the blade will look normal on the other skins), when the skin is installed it goes over all skins and may affect the Cosmic Reaver one slightly with the particles

Includes: Particles (PROJECT)

New Model

Works on all skins EXCEPT COSMIC REAVER!


Let me know if there are any problems using the skin :D. Oh and SKIN SPOTLIGHTS! DON’T make a video until I release the finished skin.



  1. The particles on the sword (before w) are really wierd and like squares,if you could fix that or something it would be awesome
    also really like the particles on the skin looks really nice
    like the other comment said, horns or somethign on his head would be nice


    • Thanks for the feed back His remake isnt Very high on my list at the moment but more skins are about to be released


    • Not yet because i’m also working on 2 other skins at the same. This one still functions better than most test releases would, Try it out if you haven’t already :D. I’ll get it done soon man xD


      • after this recent update all sounds doesn’t work anymore
        can you explain me how to fix it?
        i really like blue chrome projecti yi😦


        • I’m working the model and i’m about to finish fixing some of the particles. I’ve taken away the pipes because they’re too buggy and added some better head features, plus the zed blade someone suggested (i’m testing it atm its kinda hard to make it look good) Soon fam soon 😀


  2. Looks good,would be better if the particles would be a bit more project-ish , some changes to the sword would look good also anyways im not here to judge i cant make this Amazing job


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