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Intro to defining different materials of a model

This tutorial will tell you how to define different materials on your model than the base one (Mostly Lambert)

Tools Needed: Maya 2017 + RiotFileTranslator, Wooxy

Step 1

You will need to find your character WAD file in DATA/FINAL/Champions

Please note that the file has to be without any language extension

When you open the WAD file with Wooxy WAD extractor, extract the CompressedEntry in which the BIN file is located

Step 2

Once you got your BIN file exported open it up in Wooxy BIN Editor

Locate the base skin entry in – SkinCharacterDataProperties — Characters/YourCharacter/Skins/Skin0

Step 3

Click on Characters/YourCharacter/Skins/Skin0

Click Add New Value

Choose List Type 1 as the value and List Type 3 as List Type 1 // Property: 611473680

Click on the list you just made

Click Add new Value

Choose List Type 3 (should be the only one availible) // Property: 2340045716, Make a new List Type 3 for each material you want to define

Click on the List Type 3

Click Add New Value

Choose String // Property is gonna be either Texture or Unknown with Property: 1013213428

The string should be the name of you texture you want to apply to your material. It also has to be located in your skin folder

Click on the List Type 3

Click Add New Value

Choose String // Property: 2866241836

The string should be the name of your material that you want your texture to be applied on




  1. I need help when i try to add a new archive for my skin the wooxy dont let me add any archives i chosee the carpet but wooxy say that is no archives heree I need help Tanks!


  2. the skin Irelia project are not working right, like her a lot, you could try tidies? thank you and admire your work.


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