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Project Warlord – Thunderstorm Olaf


  • Hi guys, this is the first version 1.0 of the V1 Series for the “Project Warlord – Thunderstorm Olaf” skin that i made.
  • This is the Full (Legendary) edition of the skin package. More information about this is included inside the downloadable (.zip) file.
  • The skin with all its features comes into a single (.zip) file. DO NOT install the (.zip) file itself directly into Wooxy. Instead, extract the (.zip) file to your PC and follow the instructions included inside the (.txt) files.
  • It replaces the base skin for Olaf.


  • The “Legendary Edition” of this package includes 2 different thematic custom skins, “Classic Thunderstorm Olaf” and “Electrical Storm Olaf”.
  • To fully install either custom skin from the above, you must install both the (.wxy) files from the “Part_1” and “Part_2” Folders located inside the (.zip) file.


  • 2 New Thematic Custom Skins
  • New Model
  • New Textures
  • New HUD Icons And Arts (Optional)
  • New Skin Particles (Optional)
  • New Hit Effect Particles (Global-Optional)
  • New Recall Particles (Global-Optional)
  • New Spawn Particles (Global-Optional)
  • New Ghost Particles (Global-Optional)
  • New Thunderlord’s Decree Particles (Global-Optional)
  • New SRU Loading Screen (Optional)



  • Author: Alex131994
  • (.zip) File Size: 21.86 MB
  • Release Date: 7/8/2016 (DD/MM/YY)


You can only install this skin with Wooxy

  1. Download  the “Project Warlord – Thunderstorm Olaf (V1.0) – Legendary Edition!” custom skin here
  2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the (.wxy) file that you want to install.
  3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy and you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  • If for any reason the skin itself or parts of it do not work correctly, try uninstalling-deleting-reinstalling the (.wxy) package.
  • If the skin itself appears not to work at all, please contact me.
  • It has been noted that some particle effects may be too intense with the “High Quality” effects setting in-game. This can be resolved by simply setting the in-game setting “Effects Quality” to Medium or lower. This mostly happens due to the quality of the new particles being higher.
  • Thank you!


    • it’s unclear, sorry for not answering but i have left mapskins a few weeks now and im just closing all loose ends. V2 will be made withing 2017, no specific date. project was started but due to several constant changes by RIOT, it needs a total rework, meaning that some of the previeous stuff will be no more and possibly new ones will be introduced!


    • its still under development but delayed for 2017 while working on a much bigger project for Christmas.
      Im very busy lately but i will be releasing a fix for this skin by the 19th of December max!
      sorry the delays :p


  1. Yo i installed the and i cant uninstall the hit effects and recall animations and the back ground. Any ideas to get rid of that without uninstalling and installing again?


    • like i mention in my post and like the name of the file suggest 😛 ,do not install the (.zip) file but extract it and inside you can find what you want!


  2. Due to recent RIOT changes, it appears that some particles do not work correctly. I will be working on a fix and once ready i will post an alternative link here to download this skin!


  3. Hey it couldnt install every thing besides PW-Thunderstorm_Olaf_Electric_Part1 and PW-Thunderstorm_Olaf_Electric_Part2, is that all i really need?


  4. Hi, your skin is AWESOME ! Only one thing i dont like is backround during loading screen (this picture with mountains and lightning). So my question is: How can i install skin without this backround ?


      • Yeah it worked, but then i didnt had your new skin splashart and new ability icons 😦 It’s so sad that if i dont want this backround i must regret your new splashart and ability icons 😦


        • im sry but i had to include all these into 1 package, u see if i decided otherwise i would have to make multiple single packages including just few files each which is sth not practical/worthy :/ if you have any suggestions on how it could be done in a better way i’m always willing to hear 🙂


          • No problem, its ok, i am just saying. 🙂 Btw you know that these new Recall and Hit Effects animations are woking for all champions, not only Olaf? And new Spawning animations are working for minions too? 😀 😀

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        • “No problem, its ok, i am just saying.:) Btw you know that these new Recall and Hit Effects animations are woking for all champions, not only Olaf? And new Spawning animations are working for minions too?😀😀”

          Ofc i do, that’s also why i refer to them in the post above as “Global”! 🙂

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  5. Just tried the Classic, Full Experience and man I love it! Awesome skin, excellent work. The only thing I didn’t like that is the Champion select Icon, I think it could be better but of course it doesn’t bother me that much.


    • these icons are optional in case u don’t want to use them, just install all the packages from the “features” folder except the “HUD-Arts” package. As for the quality of the arts, i was in need of making one splash art but i’m lacking most of the software and knowledge needed to do it, therefore i just tried to do the best out of what i have ^^


  6. amazing skin , good work , but yeah some of the particles are really intense

    but even so 10/10 for a custom skin


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