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Widowmaker Elise

widow front screen

Booty lovers unite! I present to you boys this high quality high resolution skin, Widowmaker as Elise. You may want to watch the video below many times! 🙂



widow screen

widow butttwidow profile


  • Best booty on the Rift.
  • High Resolution Texture.
  • Widowmaker Loading Screen


General Info:

  • Author: Tuphac
  • Size: small MB
  • Release Date: August 2016

Comments and like! 😀



  1. Personally like the extra arms idea making it diferent from the normal widowmaker and champion but link is down 😦


    • ummm. ok if i get one more evelen request i would do it. i dont know, maybe get ur friend to ask or something. it just surpirse me to know theres ppl. who play Evelyn lol. she is an old champ and so many new one now adays 😛 just cos i have 10 other projects i like to do and creating it for a new model takes time to redo the skinning for proper animation ha. tidius work.

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      • well since i main evelynn and i love her to death i want to have a wallpaper of her and stuff but no one makes fanart of her same with skins there really only 2 good skins for her you know and to see that you might be able to do this makes me extremely happy you know so please if you can make the skin it would mean alot to me and other evelynn mains that have to wait for a new skins that might take years


      • i wish i knew how to create models and stuff would do this my self but im a scrub lord cx anyways thank you for considering it good luck on your work i love all your skins i use almost all of them everyday !

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      • Yes I am friend, pls make skin. Will be much appreciated if you do, that way I don’t hear “feelbadman no new evelynn skins” everyday. legit, E V E R Y D A Y…

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  2. Is there a version without the extra spider legs in human form? Also would like to second the Evelynn idea, only good custom skin for her is Inori which has some issues in stealth form with her cape in recent patches.

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      • You mentioned that you were surprised people still play Evelynn; I’ve been playing with protobelt lichbane rush and finding success, reminds me of the deathfire grasp twinshadows days. Not in my top 3 junglers but still fun to one shot people, only problem is her base skin is ugly as hell. I think riot slated her for a VGU in 2017 but in the meantime any good custom skin would be welcome.


  3. Nice, but you should change the Spider too, and make her match her colors, and maybe some particle change too would be nice 🙂

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